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Party Entertainers in Bristol Area?

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VJR Thu 24-Oct-02 12:46:14

DS will be 5 next month and I am desperately looking for something to do for his party. We have only just moved to Bristol and so don't really know the 'party scene' as it were!

Does anyone know any party entertainers/magicians or anything that can keep a room full of five year olds quiet for a couple of hours. I usually do all the party games etc myself but have a 4 month old now so don't really see that happening this year. Any ideas would be most welcome.

kkgirl Thu 24-Oct-02 13:02:42

Do you live near any leisure centres, because they do fun cars, (battery powered cars) for up to 15 I think, bouncy castle parties, trampolining, soft play, football and various others.
Depending on which part of Bristol, Alphabet Zoo is quite good, soft play suitable for older children with a play area for toddlers, (Bedminster area), Longwell Green there is Wacky Warehouse.
Mine also went to a Balloon Man party 0117 9407658 or which was fun, also there was a disco type magician one, I will find out his name if you are interested.
Let me know if you want any other ideas.

VJR Thu 24-Oct-02 13:43:10

Thanks kkgirl that is really helpful.

I live in St Andrews/Bishopston area so Alphabet Zoo is a bit far for a party. Have been meaning to check it out otherwise. Is it any good? It is half term next week so I am looking for things do do for that as well.

I looked at Balloon Man web page and he looked a bit scary! I have this clown = peodophile thing which I know is totally irrational but did he seem okay to you?

Someone else mentioned Mr Brown's Pig puppet show - have you heard of this and is it any good?

Thanks again for your help. I get into such a panic over ds's parties as I want them to be really special and now he is at school there are so many more kids to cater for!

kkgirl Thu 24-Oct-02 14:02:37


Sorry I'll be back later. Pesky kids want me to take them to the Park

VJR Thu 24-Oct-02 14:05:26

How inconsiderate of them!

kkgirl Thu 24-Oct-02 16:21:31


I'm back from the park. I was only joking I wanted to take them out for some fresh air while the weather was nice, and I have had great fun riding on my 8 year olds scooter. I asked him when I could have some inline skates, he said when I could learn to ride them!! Thats one good thing about kids you can get away with all sorts without any hassle!!
Anyway back to the party. As for the Balloon Man my kids have always been to one of his parties as someone elses house. I think he is probably ok but as one paranoid mum to another if you're worried forget him the last thing you need is to be worrying about your ds's party.
If you haven't already seen it there is a good book by the NCT called Titch Hikers Guide to Bristol which is full of diffent info for kids.Also try website Planit4kidsBristol.

I have heard of that Mr Brown thing, he was at our local Jubilee event but I didn't stay for that bit so I don't know.

Depending how active your five year old is Alphabet Zoo is good. It is a converted cinema so the climbing equipment more than double room height, could be scary for some 5's..
I'm afraid I've only been in Bristol five years and although I went to look at a car in St. Andrews cannot really remember where it is exactly in relation to other places.

Magical Mandy

leese Fri 25-Oct-02 18:21:05

Would second looking in the Titchhikers guide VJR. You may want to hire a soft play area/room to save your house. I'll give it some thought tonight - ie where would be close to you. I've seen the Titchhikers guide on sale in 'Born' on the Gloucester Rd (near to the swimming baths) - they've also got other leaflets etc in there, so maybe some would have some party stuff advertised. Will get back to you when I've thought some more........

VJR Fri 25-Oct-02 20:11:18

Have looked in the Tichhikers guide - which I think is the most fantastic book - and they suggested the Balloon Man or Mr Brown's pig. I phoned Mr Brown and he was £85 for an hour. Is this about average for this sort of thing as it seemed quite expensive to me?

kkgirl - do you know anything about Magical Mandy?

Leese - have thought about a soft play place but I find those sort of parties a bit impersonal. I get my knickers in such a twist about these bloody parties that it would probably be a better idea for me to go to one of these places but being new to Bristol I'm not sure which are the good ones for parties. I will check out my local centres to see what they offer.

Thanks again to you both for your help

leese Mon 28-Oct-02 18:49:43

Sorry VJR - tried to get back to you over weekend, but the server was down. Anyway, have you had any luck? Sorry I can't be more help re: private entertainers.
I know some people use the kids zone at the mall for parties - seems a hit with mums in particular, who drop kids off, then can shop for a bit! Also heard the zoo does quite good parties. Horfield leisure centre (which shouldn't be too far from you) also offer party things (ie trampolining etc, if all else fails, and you end up going out!) Good luck

VJR Tue 29-Oct-02 09:04:28

Thanks Leese - what a nightmare with the server going down. I thought it was just me and was desperate to chat. Especially as had mother in law staying so couldn't even escape to the computer for 10 mins!

Think I might try the Balloon Man. Ds seems very keen so I am going to look into that.

Horfield centre is near but haven't yet ventured there. I am going to look at going somewhere like that as it does take the pressure off. Thanks for your advice, I will let you know what I decide and how it goes. Ds's birthday isn't for another month but want to get it booked and sorted - keep you posted!

VJR Tue 26-Nov-02 10:45:07

kkgirl and leese - just wanted to let you both know that i had my DS's party on Sunday and it went really well. We opted for Mr Brown's Pig in the end who did a really good puppet show that kept 12 boys entertained for an hour - definitely worth £80!

The Balloon Man was too expensive in the end and Mr Brown's Pig (real name Chris Brown) was good fun and really made the children (and adults) laugh out loud. Highly recommended.

leese Tue 26-Nov-02 18:14:49

Thanks for the tip VJR - but, 12 boys?........are you mad?........!!!

batey Tue 26-Nov-02 19:52:02

We've gone for Storyteller-Cassandra, in 2 weeks time with 24 kids!!!! Will post how it goes!

kkgirl Thu 28-Nov-02 18:02:57

Was just thinking about you and whether you had had the party yet. Pleased that it went well, Mr Browns' pig does events around this area but haven't managed to see his show yet. Did he come to your house or did you have to provide venue?

none00 Mon 01-Oct-12 18:52:02

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