What made the best (adult) party you have been to?

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FearlessSwiftie Tue 09-Mar-21 10:27:58

Good company and heartwarming atmosphere. I remember my friend's birthday party when we all just sat there and enjoyed food and talked. No games, no nothing, just some nice music and the five of us having fun time together and enjoying our company. I appreciate it now even more, because you know, the lockdown rules wouldn't let us have gatherings like that.
If there are people who haven't met each other, you can introduce them to one another in a funny way, like make some sort of a game out of it or prepare a Smartshw 3d presentation with photos of the guests and some lighthearted fun facts about them. The photo booth sound great, too!

Timeformyparty Tue 09-Mar-21 06:51:44

Oh no. There will be different ‘groups’ if you like.... friends.... some work. Those from work are fine, up for a laugh. I think everyone that I will invite is! They are just a couple of different groups who may not have met each other? There will be a DJ and there is a bar plus food.... I was thinking of hiring a photo booth? They always seem a laugh?

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Whoateallthechocolate Mon 08-Mar-21 23:04:03

Plenty of alcohol, food, seats and a good band or other source of music.
Most importantly, make sure everyone has a friend. That way, you can leave each little group of friends to mix together and, hopefully, you will get to chat with each group but, if you don't, they will still have a good time as they have each other. If you have a couple of random friends who know no one else, then you have to spend the evening chatting to them or making sure they have someone to chat to - or otherwise risk them just having a really dull evening!

Muchtoomuchtodo Mon 08-Mar-21 22:45:07

An absolutely epic band.

The mudskippers is their name.

Everyone just had the most amazing night dancing along - and I’m not usually much of a dancer!

Leafyhouse Mon 08-Mar-21 22:39:03

Good company. Find a well-matched cohort of friends who feel uninhibited with each other. The problem is when you mix different groups, they feel they have to be on best behaviour with each other. So pick wisely among your friends / workmates / family.

Also keep them tight together. If people can wander about, go off and chat, it all goes quiet. Keep it crowded, keep it noisy, plenty of food and wine and good company. Maybe give the party a theme, so people can dress up? The more effort they make, the more commitment they will have. And if you think certain people won't make an effort, they shouldn't be on the list. Finally, make very clear that what goes on tour stays on tour. (Not sure how riotous you want this to be, but saying that sort of thing builds the sense of 'conspiracy' which is always fun). Having said that, then proceed to make a fool of yourself, and others will have the confidence to follow.

We have a party planned for the weekend after 'freedom day'. Already completely packed out, can't wait. We have a reputation for good parties, and once you've thrown one awesome party, word spreads. Enjoy!

Timeformyparty Mon 08-Mar-21 21:59:36


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Timeformyparty Mon 08-Mar-21 14:25:19

I have a significant birthday later this year and organising a party. Hiring a venue. Really looking forward to finally letting my hair down after an awful couple of years.

I just wondered what made the best party that you have been to? Any dos or don’ts?

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