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Party Time - does he go, or not.

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ticklebyday Sat 21-Sep-02 09:29:17

My ds has just started school and has been invited to 3 parties already. I have 2 dilemmas.

1. One of the parties I have absolutely no idea whose party it is, and who are the parents. How would people feel about letting their child go? They are having a party in a hall and if he does go I'm not going to be able to stay due to other commitments (I childmind). There are alot of children going who ds does know, and the parents of these children are in the same situation as me, they don't know the children/parents either.

2. Presents - any ideas on good presents for girls and boys that are relatively inexpensive?

Snugs Sat 21-Sep-02 10:18:50

Same problem here. I opted to seek out the parent in the playground and have a chat. Turns out she had got a list of names from last terms nursery group and invited them all since she wasn't sure which kids her son would end up playing with this year. 2 or 3 of the other parents that I know are attending so I have decided to let ds go ... but only because I know I can trust them to keep a close eye on him and ring me if there is a problem.

On the present front, I always get books. I get mine from Asda (good range for 3-7 yrs for under £2).


WideWebWitch Sat 21-Sep-02 18:05:58

ticklebyday, I'm one of those parents! I've just invited ds's class to his party as he hasn't been there long (so doesn't know them well either) and I've hired a hall so therefore have the room for them all. If parents want to stay it's fine by me but they don't have to if they don't want to. I will be getting phone nos on the day in case of probs though. If anyone came up and talked to me I'd be happy to explain this but I don't know ANY of the parents/kids either. Wonder if they're all thinking the same about me??!! but I don't know them because he's only just started and I work so have missed all the getting to know each other things. Eeeek! Maybe they all feel the same as you? In the opposite situation (i.e he was invited and I didn't know the parents/child) I'd go but probably stay until ds was happy. I know you can't but in your situation I'd probably let my ds go if he wanted to.

Presents: I'm at a loss too for the next ones ds is invited to. Books sound good though.

helenmc Sat 21-Sep-02 20:59:48

I invite every-one - as a way of getting to know parents I don't see at school, and one best friend today might not a best friend by party time. Our school asked all the parents is they could give our details such as address, parents name, phone number, e-mail , birthdays so we have a more or less up to date list. Some parents don't for whatever reason put their details on. But it makes things a lot easier like when you've been told by dd she's lost the party invite. As to present Hungry hippos Woolworth's version is about £5 and always goes down a treat for boys & girls. My 5 years olds have been busy making cards from an M&S kit - again about £5. Fashion polly and animal hospital - sizes and prices vary are good. Boys I used to always get Action Man, but now I get other things like those sea monkey kits, or volcano, or farting putty or toy snakes . The first year at school you invite every-one, the next year you invite just the girls/boys and the year after just close friends.

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