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Would you Bring a Bottle to a party at a village hall?

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Moomin Sat 29-Sep-07 09:11:38

We're having trouble finding a suitable venue for my 40th next year and found out last night that the bar I want is booked. The alternative is a nice village hall nearby and we'll still be able to have live music which is what I really want. But dh is paying and funds aren't unlimited and, although we'll be able to buy a basic 'bar', we'll also be providing food.

Would you think it was cheeky/unreasonable to be asked to BaB on your invite? I don't think I'd mind at all, but you might not agree. Be honest!

codswallop Sat 29-Sep-07 09:12:09

oh no great idea
please provide a bucket of ice
i hate warm wine

belgo Sat 29-Sep-07 09:12:26

I think that's acceptable.

codswallop Sat 29-Sep-07 09:13:07

i think great
then folk drink what they want.

Moomin Sat 29-Sep-07 09:28:12

ooo yes, ice buckets on tables is a good idea too. The kitchen at the hall is very well-equipped with a couple of fridges so we could top up the ice as the evening went on as well. <getting excited>

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