Socially distant board games

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Hellesbelles2 Tue 16-Jun-20 22:09:21

Am looking for ideas for Father's Day presents for my dad. Now that we can see him in his garden was looking for some kind of game that we could buy him, that he could play with us, including his grandsons, aged 8 and 5. Am struggling to think of any that can don't involve swapping cards or needing to share a board/pile in the middle etc. Any suggestions?

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MinesAPintOfTea Tue 16-Jun-20 22:11:31


tabulahrasa Tue 16-Jun-20 22:14:56

You can share a board... just have a nominated piece mover/dice roller or whatever

Hellesbelles2 Tue 16-Jun-20 22:28:37

Thanks both. I know they can share the board but both generations need constant reminding about the 2m distance so trying to avoid having to 'share'.

Is minesweeper the same as Battleships? Had forgotten all about that but having looked online that would be absolutely perfect -thanks for the prompt!

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MinesAPintOfTea Tue 16-Jun-20 22:56:08

Battleships, that's what I meant!

tabulahrasa Wed 17-Jun-20 00:33:53

See I always designate a child to move all the pieces anyway, I mean because I’m lazy, not to keep apart... but there’s no sharing if just one person is in charge of the board, lol

Subjective guess who?...

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