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child friendly restaurants in SW London (Putney area preferably)

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dorkus Mon 24-Sep-07 11:53:45


I'm looking for a child friendly restaurant to cater for about 14 adults & 5 children, ranging in age from 1 -4 years old. I'd like somewhere which will keep the children entertained whilst the adults can get on with their meal in relative peace . Parking would also be advantageous.

Any suggestions?


wheelybug Mon 24-Sep-07 11:54:43

The Depot in mortlake ? HAven't been with children but supposed to be good with children.

wheelybug Mon 24-Sep-07 11:55:52

Actually there is one on the river in Putney that was great last time I went there with children - think its called Rocket. Didn't blink an eye when apple juice was sprayed across the room etc but is a nice place. Had dough as a play thing for sitting at the table.

No parking though.

dorkus Mon 24-Sep-07 11:57:45

Hi wheelybug,

Thanks for your suggestion, that was my original idea but it was poopooed by the father of the 2.5 & 4 year old as being too formal!!!


Egg Mon 24-Sep-07 12:06:46

Hello I was going to suggest Rocket or Carluccios also, no play place or anything for children but they are certainly used to them. Carluccios is less formal I would think. We have been for family meals at Strada on Upper Richmond Road which have always been great too.

Just moved from Putney a month ago. How is it? Anything exciting going on?!?!?

StarryStarryNight Mon 24-Sep-07 12:07:21

Could you go to "Blue Kangaroo" in Fulham? "Gourmet Food-ish" with soft play. Not quiet, though! grin

"Ask" by Barnes Pond is really nice and child friendly. Informal italian food and pizzas, overlooking the park and the pond, good child menu. Also great for a run around in the park, feeding the ducks prior to, or after the meal.

Wagamamas on Putney High Street is good too. But the meals are quick, so before you know it you are out on the street again! (And likely to head to Eddie Katz a few houses down for a coffee while the kids enjoy the soft play and slot machines shock if it is early in the day)

StarryStarryNight Mon 24-Sep-07 12:08:41

Egg, you left Putney? Why? Is there somewhere better to live, lol? Just joking. Dont know of any excitement, though!

Oh, and Bellinis Pizza on Upper Richmond road, down in East Sheen is nice too.

Egg Mon 24-Sep-07 12:08:57

Ah yes Wagamamas is full of children. DS always liked it there as the waitresses flirted with him grin.

Funny I was thinking, you could just go to Eddie Katz and let the kids get on with it while you eat, but nothing more than a sandwich / salad there (they do have wine and beer tho!).

Egg Mon 24-Sep-07 12:10:16

I did indeed leave Putney. If were staying in London it would be the place i would want to stay, but we are expecting twins and couldn't afford a four-bed house there sad. However we have moved to Winchester which is lovely smile. We still have our house in Putney as are just renting at the mo, but it will be too small for us all to live in...

StarryStarryNight Mon 24-Sep-07 12:14:00

Oh yes, 4 bed houses dont come cheap here. We have a 3 bed, and are not planning more than the 2 we have so thats fine! My dh went downt to Winchester to cycle a few weeks back, said it was really nice.

Egg Mon 24-Sep-07 12:19:38

Hmmm. We didn't plan on more than two either hmm. Winchester is kind of like Putney in a way, same kind of people... but just more green bits. Am missing Eddie Katz though, DS loves it. We have their swimbag and every time he sees it he gets excited.

Sorry Dorkus for hijack!

Anchovy Mon 24-Sep-07 13:23:21

LOL - I was brought up in Winchester and live in Putney!

We often go to Carluccio's for coffee and I alway's get the impression they don't like children that much.

I definitely agree with Ask pizza in Barnes -its right on a little patch of common, with ducks to feed etc.

I like Rocket, but haven't been there with children.

We went to the Pizza Express in Wandsworth the other day, and they have a very good new children's menu - the one in Putney is no doubt the same. There is a room at the back that they do parties at which they can do a big table etc.

My DCs also like the Tortoise and Hare noodle restaurant on Upper Richmond Road - nicer than Wagamama's, I think.

There is an Itailian restaurant opposite Wagamama's which I have heard good things about - not been but the DCs and our nanny have been with friends a couple of times: they go about 5/5.30pm when it is quiet and get fantastic service, apparently. It looks a bit cheesy from the front but apparently is very Italian.

CountessDracula Mon 24-Sep-07 13:25:19

I was brought up in Winchester and lived in putney til not long ago when I moved to East Sheen!


We had dd's non-christening party at the Phoenix and they were great

CountessDracula Mon 24-Sep-07 13:26:17

Bellinis is good yes

Also how about Carluccios or Strada

StarryStarryNight Mon 24-Sep-07 13:27:33

Yeah, I wonder about you Countess, in a totally non-stalky way of course, after I crossed your path on the Christmas thread with my suggestion of that pub on the river which you knew/disliked, if I by any chance know you in RL.... grin

CountessDracula Mon 24-Sep-07 13:28:39

Well maybe I do
Where do you live?

CountessDracula Mon 24-Sep-07 13:29:52

(I do like that pub
it's just the function room is so fuddy duddy)

lemonaid Mon 24-Sep-07 13:29:57

Carluccios is very child friendly. Also Wagamamas, Gourmet Burger Kitchen (well, at least yopur friend wouldn't complain it was too formal), the Real Greek (they give us free stuff in there because they like DS...). The Italian Anchovy mentioned is Il Mascalzone and is also child-friendly.

If you want actual activities for the children then I second or third or whatever we're up to now the Blue Kangaroo. Good food and lots for the children to do.

StarryStarryNight Mon 24-Sep-07 13:30:32

I live in Putney, but DS1 goes to primary school in Mortlake/East Sheen area, and DS2 goes to montessori nursery. smile

CountessDracula Mon 24-Sep-07 13:31:45

well no idea really
Doesn't ring any bells tbh

email me!
countessdrac at gmail dot com

Egg Mon 24-Sep-07 13:32:02

Where / what is the Phoenix? I feel I ought to know.

Seen that Italian place opposite Wagamamas and often thought it looked nice but never made it in.

Countess, whereabouts in Winchester are you from? We are now in Hyde. We used to live just off Putney Hill.

Is Dexters Grill still in Putney? I have a feeling not. That would have been good as fab burgers. Not as good as Gourmet Burger Kitchen but that's not great for your meal Dorkus as you can't book and have to queue.

CountessDracula Mon 24-Sep-07 13:32:54

ooh I love Hyde
We nearly bought a house there a few years ago

I used to live in Monk's road for a bit

I grew up in Cheriton and Alresford and was at the big school up the hill...

CountessDracula Mon 24-Sep-07 13:33:27

Phoenix down towards teh common on lower richmond rd
Also that new Gastro pub on the common meant to be v v good

Egg Mon 24-Sep-07 13:34:28

I LIVE IN MONKS ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

StarryStarryNight Mon 24-Sep-07 13:34:38

Cheers countess!

I havent seen Dexters Grill. But just behind Rocket there is also Tootsies. Great burgers, family friendly. Dont know if you can book. Tend to get busy sunday lunchtime. The most fabtabulous kids desserts. wink

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