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3 year old last minute, blood preesure high insomniac mum! with power ranger mad son!

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chocabloc Sun 23-Sep-07 18:47:39

Wasnt even going to have a party as my son should have been in disneyland paris! which we still will do hopefully in a few weeks! so his godmother said i should have a party! she said she would organise, this has now turned into me organising within 3 weeks, checking thousands of ideas etc! places that have closed down, too far away, grotty!

so have decided on the lyric theatre, hammersmitha nd cafe brera so has anybody had a party there or had one of their lunches for kids bdays??

oh and how difficult is it to geta power rangers cake?? ne ideas for an inexpensive pre made platter for mums and dads, mns is good but too pricey right now, as i will have spent at least £250 grrr! what happens on the 16TH>> soo stressfull to plan these things last mniute damn it!!!! looking forward to it, as i will be dressing up as a baddie, and his godfather will be dressing asa a power ranger! hehe with music too! lol!

iheartdusty Sun 23-Sep-07 21:32:23

...and breathe!

Alambil Mon 24-Sep-07 13:00:16

PR cakes should be in most supermarkets - if not, print a pic off the internet and take it to Asda - they will scan it onto a sponge (err sp?) cake for you

chocabloc Mon 24-Sep-07 21:38:53

thanks! hvnt found any in thesupermarkets yet?? but have sorted the cake today!

iheartdusty Mon 24-Sep-07 21:41:30

could you just do cheese/ biscuits/ crisps/ cucumber for parents?

chocabloc Mon 24-Sep-07 21:58:02

thats thre kind of thing i want with olives etc, but as its in a theatres cafe, i dont know if i can bring in my own food! ive rung no help, so sent an email fingers crossed! phew thank you soo much! ive bored my mum silly with what if questions! lol!

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