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Would it be really odd to have no food at a birthday party? (Just cake and drinks)

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tortoise Fri 21-Sep-07 21:05:56

Have hired a hall for DS2's 8th party. Also booking circus skills entertainment.
Would it be really wrong to not provide party food? And do i need to mention it on the invite?
I cannot afford to do party food as well as everything else. I will do drinks and birthday cakes. oh and of course the dreaded party bags grin

mishymoo Fri 21-Sep-07 21:08:17

I think it depends what time of day the party is? If it is over lunchtime, you could write on the invite to parents asking that they ensure that all kids have eaten before coming.

tortoise Fri 21-Sep-07 21:10:35

The hall is booked for 2-4pm. circus skills last an hour and a half

millie99 Fri 21-Sep-07 21:11:00

Depending on the time I think its fine - but to be a bit more exciting you could do jellies/ice cream which wouldn't cost much plus a few bowls of popcorn/crisps.

FrannyandZooey Fri 21-Sep-07 21:14:34

Definitely let people know - it's a nightmare if you turn up expecting food and there isn't any (or not much)

a friend of mine did something similar for her dd - we went to a children's show and then they had snacks and games, but not a meal as such - she said "please join us after the show for snacks and dancing" so everyone knew what was happening

it sounds like a FAB party

maisym Fri 21-Sep-07 21:16:38

Good idea - kids should have had lunch and then afterwards would have dinner - so no need for a party meal. Sounds like they'll be busy so cake & drinks would be fine.

tortoise Fri 21-Sep-07 21:17:35

Thats a good idea.
Snacks i can probably stretch too! Don't want to have to get tables and chairs out really. xp has agreed to go halves which helps but i can't afford much.

tortoise Fri 21-Sep-07 21:18:42

F&Z It will be a fab party. Tighrope walking and unicycles to name but 2 circus skills to try out! grin

collision Fri 21-Sep-07 21:19:03

Great idea!

I might do the same as I am booking a trampolining party for ds1 and if I did it from 2-4pm they will have already eaten, have some snacks and go home for dinner!!

Brilliant! Plus the fact it is sooooo annoying when kids dont eat all the food you put out!

collision Fri 21-Sep-07 21:19:52

where did you book the circus skills thing?

tortoise Fri 21-Sep-07 21:23:07

It was advertised in our local parent talk newspaper that DC brought home from school.
Haven't actually booked yet blush I did try phoning tonight but no reply. i spoke to her a week ago though!

fihi Fri 21-Sep-07 21:23:22

we did xactly what u are planning earlier this year - just drinks, fruit(chopped up) and bday cake. had bouncy castle etc so figured the little treasures would upchuck anything we did feed them. And mine have food allergies hey ho would have been a nightmare!! Party time was 2-4:30pm and we just mentioned it to mums at the school gate, had lots of support for the idea of not feeding them and more are following suit! got glow-in dark sticks and necklaces from tesco for about50p each so gave them some each to keep, they bounced glowing in the dark!!

iris66 Fri 21-Sep-07 21:26:04

tortoise - I think that's a brilliant idea! And, as other's have said, nobody will give a hoot as long as it's clear on the invitation. My DS (19mths) has loads of food allergies/intolerances so I was dreading the thought of catering for "proper" parties. I'll be taking your lead on this one (albeit on a much smaller scale for the next few years wink) Hope your DS and his pals have a brilliant time.

tortoise Fri 21-Sep-07 21:29:55

Thanks for repies.
Feel better about not having food there now. smile

tortoise Fri 21-Sep-07 21:30:17


Spidermama Fri 21-Sep-07 21:31:14

It sounds like a good idea to me tortoise. All the other mums will be following your lead just you watch.

fihi Fri 21-Sep-07 21:32:58

enjoy the party!!

FrannyandZooey Fri 21-Sep-07 21:48:59

Tortoise there was circus skills tent at festival we just visited

ALL the kids were hanging out there all day having such a good time (and they are so good at it!)

ds (4) woke up every morning about 6.30 am "Mummy let's go and see if the circus tent is open yet"

tortoise Fri 21-Sep-07 21:57:04

Sounds great F& I really wanted to do something different to the normal parties that people have here! And DS2 really enjoyed the circus skills at Haven while we were on holiday.

FrannyandZooey Fri 21-Sep-07 21:58:17

What age are the children? We wanted "different" so we had African drumming party for ds and in retrospect they were too young for it blush

I had great time though

pinkbubble Fri 21-Sep-07 22:01:25

I think the time would be ok not to feed DC anything more, we aways arrange a party at a mealtime so DC eat, can never understand why someone would pay all that money for DC to have a hot/cold full meal at 2pm etc.

Party sounds great- Do you need a helper!wink

tortoise Fri 21-Sep-07 22:13:09

DS2 will be 8. So most will be 7-8.

Pinkbubble- I probably could do with a helper! grin Shame i have to share the party with xp. He will be as much use as a chocolate tea pot as usual! grin

pinkbubble Fri 21-Sep-07 22:13:58

Shame I love a good party!!!!wink

lornaloo Fri 21-Sep-07 22:14:36

Perhaps ask the children to bring a packet lunch as there?

lornaloo Fri 21-Sep-07 22:16:26

Tbh the kids will be having far too much fun to sit and eat. 2pm will be ok. Just put on the invite that lunch will not be on offer.

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