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Halloween Party Ideas

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Kammy Thu 20-Sep-07 16:21:52

Ds is 6 near halloween and really wants a party at home this year. I'm planning to invite about 15, have lots of ideas for decorating the house and fancy dress on a halloween theme, but would love some help with party games adn haloween food.
So far have got, mummy wrapping, pass the parcel, scary ghost story and apple bobbing. Any fab ideas anyone for a couple more games/activities and food.
They are mostly boys by the way....(yes, I know the house will be trashed!)

WestCountryLass Thu 20-Sep-07 21:59:00

DS had one last year and wants the same this year. I got a CD that had halloween songs (Ghostbusters and the like) from Asda. We did a pumpkin pinata, pin the nose I think it was on the pumpkin, apple bobbing in the baby bath etc.

I am going to just do party boxes of food with a sandwich, crisps etc in but I like the idea of chopping up jelly and putting jelly worms in it and rolling sandwiches up and decorating them to look like fngers etc.

Mercedes Sat 22-Sep-07 23:12:31

When my dd had a halloween party we put small apples on strings - hung them from the ceiling and got the kids to try and bit into them - not possible usually. We then swopped them over for bagels with jam on them and kids had to try and eat them without getting jam on their face- this was really popular.

We also played an old game for my childhood which involves kneeling over the back of a chair, you have a fork in your mouth and you drop it into a basin or bucket of water which has apples in it. Sounds strange but its really good fun, its easy and all the kids loved it and queued up to have endless goes.

I also put various foods in buckets which felt yucky - only the boys did this I have to say.
I'm thinking of having another this year so I will be looking out for halloween ideas as well.

miljee Sun 23-Sep-07 18:37:11

So glad I stumbled on this as I was going to ask the same question! My DSs 6 and 8, want a Halloween Party, and what I think I'll do is a grownups and kids party, as in kids + parents! It'll be dress up of course, but I have to be a tad careful as there may well be younger siblings and those rubber ghoul masks freak ME out! SO I guess I'll put on the invite that it's more Scooby Doo and less Elm Street! I was going to put S-D on the DVD player and I've already started collecting Halloween stuff from Asda etc though I AM disappointed they're not doing those (plastic) wine goblets this year with a metal-look stem and base with a spider bedecked jewel on! 1.99 last year. Got 2. I shall also buy 10 real pumpkins to hollow out and put out in the tree in the back garden so they can be seen from inside. Mustn't burn the tree down!

Please post any other ideas you get on here!

I like the pumpkin pinata idea, too!

littlerach Sun 23-Sep-07 18:40:34

We did one last year and had hallowe'en lucky dip, with prizes hidden in buckets of jelly or spaghetti or gloop.

And we hired a smoke machine which was fab.

miljee Sun 23-Sep-07 18:48:48

Excellent! Fab ideas! Thanks- would never have thought of the smoke machine. Was it expensive? How do they work?

HappyMummyOfOne Mon 24-Sep-07 10:26:16

We went to one that had a jelly in the shape of a hand and was decorated around the base - it looked fab and the kids loved it. Mum has used a rubber glove to make it.

Found this site with lots of games ideas on - love the idea of the card story telling one

Have a great party smile

Kammy Tue 25-Sep-07 20:52:01

Lovely ideas - thanks all! And thanks for the link. I'll definatley try out a few of the ideas.

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