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Parties at 10 pin bowling - Do the kids get bored?

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Aimsmum Tue 18-Sep-07 16:23:14

Message withdrawn

Aimsmum Tue 18-Sep-07 18:04:20

Message withdrawn

GreatAuntieWurly Tue 18-Sep-07 18:07:41

Id you have 6 children on a lane then are roughly gonna get 1 game each. If they are all around 7yo then they will be fine. I used to be a party host at a bowling alley. Check with the bowling alley if they supervise the party's as a lot of companies dont so encourage parents to stay other wise you can end up with kids running up the lanes!!

ELR Tue 18-Sep-07 18:12:02

def no more than one game they get bored quite quick

Kaz33 Tue 18-Sep-07 18:12:21

We did a bowling party for my son's 6th birthday - we had 17 children and one adult per bowling lane ( 4 lanes in total). One hour bowling which was fine

It was hard work and the children loved the bowling ) We did food in the bowling alley after - did pick up 45 minutes after bowling finished. Could have been half an hour later which would have been better.

Whizzz Tue 18-Sep-07 18:13:28

DS has been to 2 of these & now wants one for his 7th birthday. No sign of any boredom ! Its good as due to the scoreboard, they have to take turns & are 'fenced' in my the lanes / seats so no running about !

Aimsmum Tue 18-Sep-07 18:58:29

Message withdrawn

filthymindedvixen Tue 18-Sep-07 19:01:37

oooohhhh. I hate to be voice of doom, but I had the hardest party ever last year with ds (aged 6) and 7 others and not quite enough adults. Inbetween goes, fuelled by the hyperactive-making neon lights, loud music and rubbishy-toy machines, they ran riot.

Trust me, an hour is long enough...

charmkin Tue 18-Sep-07 19:10:25

don't like bowling parties
what do the others do when waiting for turn?
is ok with say, 5 or 6

Aimsmum Tue 18-Sep-07 19:14:05

Message withdrawn

pointydog Tue 18-Sep-07 19:17:11

bowling parties qute popular round here - I don't hear of kids getting bored at them

purpleflower Tue 18-Sep-07 19:19:47

I used to be a party host at a bowling alley and the kids had a great time. We used to make balloon animals and different challenges with the bowling (if older) like backwards between the legs etc all very carefully supervised of course!

I miss it, it was a really fun job grin

BettySpaghetti Tue 18-Sep-07 19:21:30

DD had a bowling party for her 7th - 10 children over 2 lanes.

They all really loved it. There was a bit of (friendly) competition between the teams but also, there was some lovely moments where the more experienced ones helped the less able.

The only problem we had was DS (2 at the time) -it would have been better to have found alternative arrangements for him as he kept trying to run down the lanes and pick up bowling balls as heavy as him wink

AllieBongo Tue 18-Sep-07 19:22:30

we did this for ds's 7th party. they loved it

filthymindedvixen Tue 18-Sep-07 19:30:22

Aimsmum, it sounds way more organised and civilised than our local alley - you'll have great time then

(the other thing at ours was MTV blaring out on the TV wheil the kids were eating. There were a couple of rather 'sexy' music videos shown and one dear child climbed on the table and started doing pelvic thrusts and grunting noises while the others (not quite understanding but appreciating the general idea that he was being 'sexy' shrieked and yelled! shock

I almost died. . .

Aimsmum Tue 18-Sep-07 21:49:21

Message withdrawn

Aimsmum Tue 18-Sep-07 21:49:45

Message withdrawn

LizP Wed 19-Sep-07 10:09:42

We did this for ds1 when he was 7. It worked well and one thing I did that seem popular was made them all 'bowling shirts'. Cheap t-shirts with an iron on of the chest of a skittle and their name. Think I downloaded it from Meant dh could read the childrens names and knew who each child was.

We had lots of fun and will do it again for one of the other boys sometime.

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