How are other people celebrating their kids' birthdays during lockdown?

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helpIhateclothesshopping Wed 01-Apr-20 16:58:25

Everyone in our house has birthdays that are going to be during lockdown. We had a few ideas that we won't now be able to do to celebrate.
My kids will be 11 and 13 this month. They like playing games like Minecraft, Roblox etc. online with their friends so I'm thinking of trying to do a birthday party over the internet, using their gaming platforms and Discord or Zoom so they can all see each other. Has anyone tried this and what could you do to make it more like a proper birthday party? I'm thinking of dropping snack and goodie bags to their friends houses with things in (cup cakes, snacks, puzzles etc) to make it feel more like a birthday party. They are both big fans of Stranger Things.
Any good ideas welcome.

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cheercaptain Sun 05-Apr-20 20:14:59

I have no experience with virtual children parties but pls pls do not bother making and dropping off goodie bags at friend's houses. There really is no need for this and even more so during these times. I hope someone comes along to help you plan the perfect virtual party wink

backinaminute Sun 05-Apr-20 21:26:57

We've just had a 9th birthday. We didn't go a virtual party as such but I had an agreement for a time with his best friends mum and they basically played online and chatted all afternoon (his idea of heaven).

He also chose what to have for dinner and we had a celebration tea with balloons and party blowers etc.

Just basically had a no rules day without screen restrictions and made sure he had some presents that were suitable for lockdown and could be used/played with on his birthday - he's got trip out with friends 'banked' for when this is all over.

SleepingStandingUp Sun 05-Apr-20 21:57:29

Second the party bags thing. I'm not sure 11 and 13 year old need them at the best of times, let alone the unnecessary shopping trip to get things, then to deliver them and then some poor parents dettoling the whole timing.

Make sure presents are usable during lockdown. Get a cake and blow it out over zoom? Leave them to all hang out for an hour on it?

Make a commitment to what yoi will do afterwards

Kuponut Sun 05-Apr-20 21:58:56

DD1 has declared she's going to be like the Queen this year and have a second birthday day out when this is all over. With pizza.

dyscalculicgal96 Thu 09-Apr-20 14:02:53

For my friend's 25th birthday last week we celebrated virtually. She had a birthday cake which she blew out and we played a game via House Party as well. That was pretty much it. I also talked with her later that night via whats app and she sent me some photos too.

livingthegoodlife Wed 20-May-20 15:09:57

I just did a home tea party and games, but mine aren't teens.


FeelingLucky13 Wed 20-May-20 15:15:31

@Kuponut - I like your DD's style grin

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