Need help please: 6th birthday during lockdown. Ideas for virtual party...

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Swoph Wed 01-Apr-20 02:12:10

Hello smile My daughter is 6 this Friday and her party has been cancelled. We want to get all her friends that were coming to the party on a little group video chat but need a few ideas of what we can do on this chat if anyone can throw some my way I would be so grateful. I was originally thinking they could all make a microwave mug cake if I give the parents the ingredients beforehand but I think I may have left it too late. We’ve been in isolation for 14 days today because my husband had been really ill, I’ve been scrambling to get presents online to have something to present her with and I’ve just been in a bit of a bubble. Please help!

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sleepismysuperpower1 Wed 01-Apr-20 13:41:27

send each parent this image, and get them to print it out, and let the kids fill in the grid in with any number from 1-20. you can call out a number and the kids can all play bingo.

if they all have access to Netflix, then get their parents to download Netflix party and the kids can all watch together whilst chatting about what they are watching

happy birthday to your dd!

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