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DD is having a scrapbook party for her Birthday, does anyone have any suggestions for a cake?

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pinkbubble Fri 07-Sep-07 22:20:17

I always try and make a cake for their Birthday, DD suggested a scrapbook one but I need a plan for one(I'm hopeless otherwise!blush)

Does anyone have any brainwaves as I could really do with one right now!

Nat1H Fri 07-Sep-07 22:22:28

have you tried googling for images. You should be able to find something on there.
You could make a rectangular cake and put photographs (copies of course) on top, like you would a scrap book. Ice a frame around them and some captions? Just an idea.

MaureenMLove Fri 07-Sep-07 22:25:00

I've got a plan for a cook book, could you change that perhaps?

pinkbubble Fri 07-Sep-07 22:25:05

Sounds interesting, I will have a think!

pinkbubble Fri 07-Sep-07 22:27:07

MMl, I have just looked at your photos, I too have made that toadstool/fairy cake!grin

NutterlyUts Fri 07-Sep-07 22:34:47

YOu can get photo's put on cakes. I would get a photo put on, then decorate as a scrap book.
Maybe a photo of her present, and don't give it to her til she's seen the cake?

pinkbubble Fri 07-Sep-07 22:36:50

Trouble is she is the middle of 3 DDs and we do not have a clue on what to get her! She wants clothes!hmm

MaureenMLove Fri 07-Sep-07 22:37:28

Aha! Then you have access to the book which has the Cookery Book in it? Carol Deacon, Perfect Party Cakes Made Easy! Although, someone said they'd seen it in another authors book last week!

pinkbubble Fri 07-Sep-07 22:43:44

Have just found the book and I too have a diferent one - 50 Easy Party Cakes by Debbie Brown. hmm

lilolilmanchester Fri 07-Sep-07 22:44:58

Don't want to distract from your OP,but would love to hear more about your scrapbooking party, how you are doing it, what you need, costs etc.... sounds like something my DD would love

MaureenMLove Fri 07-Sep-07 22:48:25

Thats the one! You know what, that was the book I got it from. Its all becoming clear now! I borrowed that book to do the toadstool! I've made it so many times for different people, I don't need the book anymore, I just always asumed it was in my Carol Deacon book! Anyway, its Carol Deacon you need, if you fancy the cook book one! grin

pinkbubble Fri 07-Sep-07 23:04:30

Well Lilo, I have made each child a book made out of sheet of 12' by 12', folded it carefully so it has 4 pockets. Each one is trimmed so it has a different topping. I am then going to get the girls to have a laugh in front of the camera(almost like in a photo booth) I have a printer. I am hoping that the girls will want to have funny photos and have a great laugh. I have sorted out all the scrapbooking accessories I dont need and they can use these. The photos are going on luggage labels.

Forgot to add, when they come in they are going to decorate their own pizza, and they are then going to decorate their little book while the pizza is cooking.

We have called DDs party MAKING A MEMORY.

MaureenMLove Fri 07-Sep-07 23:09:41

That is a beautiful idea and one that I might just nick for my dd next month! Thats wicked!

I did a craft party for dd a few years ago and whilst their work was drying they made pizzas too!

pinkbubble Fri 07-Sep-07 23:12:53

I am hoping it is going to work, only time will tell - next Sunday!!!!!

They are all going to be 10 in the next year so should be a good couple of hrs.

Also a good way for me to get rid of the scrapbook stuff I dont need anymore!!grin

Califrau Fri 07-Sep-07 23:25:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lilolilmanchester Fri 07-Sep-07 23:37:17

Sounds fab Pink, good luck! I love crafty parties, but DD set on bowling. Will suggest the scrapbooking, think it's a great idea.

pinkbubble Fri 07-Sep-07 23:46:15

Thanks Califrau, you helped me out whilst shopping in California (picked up some good bargains in Jo anns and the Dllar Tre(when I eventually found onegrin)

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