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party dilema

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Carameli Fri 07-Sep-07 13:42:34

have a dilema about what to do for dd's birthday. We recently moved and basically need to completely redecorate the whole place but not goingto do it until after we have some big building work done next summer. So only idea for having it at home would be to cover the walls(horrid wallpaper) with big balloons etc etc to make it seem all nice and pink etc etc

or we could go and hire a hall but can only get this on a Friday afternoon as its so booked up already. But problem is what are 3 and 4 yr olds going to be like on a Fri afternoon after nursery in the morning???

Sorry to ramble but what would you do?

Budababe Fri 07-Sep-07 13:43:32

Friday afternoon in hall - they will be fine.

chipkid Fri 07-Sep-07 13:44:51

depends on how many three and four year olds you intend to invite. Most children of this age are tired after school or nursery but sometimes a party is just the ticket (the parents will get the overtired behaviour later!)

If you try and limit the numbers and organise some games and activities and keep it relatively short I am sure it will be fine

Carameli Fri 07-Sep-07 21:35:55

decided to have it at home after all and dd wants a jungle party so will be able to use my artistic skills to turn the room into a jungle which will be fun and she is so excited about it.
FIngers crossed.

glitterchick Sat 08-Sep-07 13:17:50

Can you try a play centre?

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