House party for 14 year-old DD, would you??

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WindUpBird Mon 02-Mar-20 20:26:56

She would like to invite 15 girls to our house for a ‘party’. I’m trying to dissuade her & encourage her to think about other options like meal / trampolining / cinema etc with a smaller group.
Do you know of anyone this age who has hosted a successful party?? What would they do for 3 hours??? DD mentioned a game & I guess they would play music & dance but I fear that it would break up into smaller groups & people would get bored and spend the evening staring at their phones.
I have a vague inkling there might be a bit of peer pressure going on...

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Beamur Mon 02-Mar-20 20:29:27

Sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen.
I wouldn't grin

WindUpBird Mon 02-Mar-20 20:36:07

@Beamer my thoughts entirely, but I wondered if I was being a curmudgeon 😬

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IHaveBrilloHair Mon 02-Mar-20 20:36:59

Not a chance in hell.
It will end badly.

Oakmaiden Mon 02-Mar-20 20:40:03

My daughter has a party at home most years. She is now 16. You will have to ask her what she thinks they will do during the party - for her 15th my daughter had a group of friends round and they watched movies and ate popcorn and pizza. And giggled a lot. At 14 she had a murder mystery party, at 12 she had a "Party in the Dark" involving lots of games and glow sticks and at 11 she had a Harry Potter Party.

Didn't actually have a party (for the first time) at 16 cos we went to London to watch some shows instead.

Oakmaiden Mon 02-Mar-20 20:43:28

Just to add - there has never been any suggestion that there would not be an adult at home. After all, who would cook for them?

AGoodPodcastAndANiceCupOfTea Mon 02-Mar-20 20:44:32

I'd probably allow it but only if I and maybe another couple of adults, depending on how strong you feel, were going to be there. I wouldn't even entertain the thought of leaving 14/5 year olds to entertain themselves at a house party. They make really foolish decisions at that age!


WindUpBird Mon 02-Mar-20 20:46:10

Yes, @ihavebrillohair I fear the same.
@oakmaiden that’s the thing, DD has always had parties at home and when she was younger we went to a lot of effort to ‘create’ Harry Potter/Famous Five/Star Wars themed parties. In recent years she’s had a smaller group round for food, film, sleepover...I can manage that. But the thought of 16 14 year-olds makes me pretty stressed!

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WindUpBird Mon 02-Mar-20 20:47:19

@ AGoodPodcastAndANiceCupOfTea good god, IF this happens, DH and I would definitely be there!

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Sizeablecontours Mon 02-Mar-20 21:04:03

14 yrs is a difficult age. I hosted a whole class party for when DD was 13 yrs but we went out to a craft activity and then they came home to have a disco/mocktail bar etc . Unless you are doing something that keeps them out of mischief, I don't think I'd risk it. My DD went out to a pizza restaurant with 7 friends at fourteen and then they came back and watched a film and had a sleepover but they are generally well-behaved group and not in to alcohol or anything. I think I'd definitely go for an activity if I were you.

Friendsofmine Mon 02-Mar-20 21:09:51

I don't see the problem (unless she has no idea what happens at a party , which you have said isn't the case...or I suppose if her friends are expecting you to be out, therefore will be bored on the night.

Music, chatting, age appropriate games and pizza would be fine no?

strawberrylipgloss Mon 02-Mar-20 21:13:59

Is she likely to tidy up afterwards? When my kids have had a handful of friends round for a sleepover, it's created lots of mess that they've not been so quick to sort afterwards.

Personally I'd rent a hall so the music can be loud without annoying the neighbours and the mess is confined to one room.

Thethingswedoforlove Mon 02-Mar-20 21:19:37


WindUpBird Mon 02-Mar-20 21:41:54

Yeah, pizza, music, karaoke all could work! Thanks for all your replies, I’ll keep trying to get DD to think of a better option, whilst trying to work out if I could cope with a party...

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