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indoor party for 4 and 6 year old boys - mad idea?? How do you do it?

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elliott Thu 06-Sep-07 09:50:24

I thought I was on the ball this year for booking ds1 and ds2's party (end of November) but all the activity type parties are booked up....
We are moving into a big house (but with no outdoor space) and I am contemplating having the party at home (though the mere thought is giving me palpitations). Any advice about occupying about 20 kids aged between 3 and 7? (gender mix will probably be fairly even, maybe 60:40 boys:girls) We have no outdoor space to speak of but a big upstairs living room which will probably still be empty at that stage. Should I get an entertainer? Will games work with such a large age spread or should I have more free flowing activities? How do I cope with the inevitable testosterone unruliness?

Last year I did a small tea party for 4 kids for ds1 and found that pretty difficult - particularly since one child refused to join in the activities I had organised - maybe my ambition is outstripping my ability here!

cornsilk Thu 06-Sep-07 09:51:25

Get an entertainer! Definitely.

chipkid Thu 06-Sep-07 09:53:05

you have to try and keep them occupied so an entertainer would be good. I have found that little boys left to their own devices are pretty bloody difficult (my ds being the wrost!)

elliott Thu 06-Sep-07 09:54:57

Yes but trying to organise them into games is also difficult - what about the ones who just won't join in? A friend recently had a home party and just let them play - said it was fine (though this was probably only about 8 kids - all boys though)

cornsilk Thu 06-Sep-07 09:58:47

20 kids will be hard work just playing games, unless you have lots of help. On eidea would be to set up 4 or 5 different games/ activities and put them into groups. Then get them to move round the activites spending about 10 mins on each one.

cornsilk Thu 06-Sep-07 09:59:07


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