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Good party games for 8 year olds.

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kslatts Wed 05-Sep-07 10:05:11

It is dd's 8th birthday next weekend and we gave hired a bouncy castle for the garden, we are expecting about 15-20 children. DD has said that she is too old for pass the parcel so can we play some more grown-up games, so I'm looking for idea's. Also, do you think we will need to organise many games or will the bouncy castle be enough to keep them amused, I was thinking of just playing some cd's inside so they could dance if they wanted to.

Aefondkiss Wed 05-Sep-07 10:13:35

the mummy game is quite good fun

split the children into threes, one is the mummy the other two have loo rolls and the team that has the best mummy after 5 mins (or whatever time you think is right wins) ... you could have the mummys do their mummy walk to get a prize

use strong loo roll, cheapo stuff just breaks and then the game is frustrating

I googled for party games when I was looking for inspiration for my dd's birthday.

balloon golf, long stick like balloon and round balloons, each team has to strike as many balloons as they can into a basket, winning team has the most balloons after 2 mins(or however long you think)

kslatts Wed 05-Sep-07 13:12:08

The mummy game sound good, thanks

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