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CBeebies land hotel worth it?

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Suzie2021 Fri 21-Feb-20 16:39:31

I’m shocked how much it’s all going to cost (nearly £500). This includes park tickets, hotel and breakfast for 2 days. Is it really worth going? What’s been your experience of it.

Opinions pls

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Curlysusie Fri 21-Feb-20 16:46:43

I've not been but have you got any Tesco vouchers you could use?

Suzie2021 Fri 21-Feb-20 17:28:46

No I don’t think we can use them.

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WeeSassenach Fri 21-Feb-20 17:34:42

We considered it for a birthday celebration but just couldn't justify the price considering we wouldn't be in the room much. Instead we bought a 2 day ticket online and stayed in a nearby premier inn (5 mins drive away) which was really cheap and really comfortable. We got a family room and breakfast for around £50. Kids thought it was brilliant!

Suzie2021 Fri 21-Feb-20 21:05:01

Thanks weesass. I’m really torn as this will obviously be a one off as hotel is designed for under 5’s so we can’t go again, this is only time we can go. You’re right the price is ridiculous as it’s I think £350 just for room!

Has anyone stayed in hotel? Looking on trip advisor the reviews are amazing just wanted to hear any mumsnetters opinions on their stay too.

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