First night out after baby!

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roobledoo Sun 09-Feb-20 19:56:10

I have found Mumsnet so useful since becoming a mumma for the first time. DD was born at the beginning of Jan 2020.

My birthday is coming up in mid March and I am seeing it as a good time to look at having a night out with close friends but I'm feeling so apprehensive about it already!

I really want to go out and let my hair down but I'm already thinking how emotional it will be leaving baby girl for the first time!

So my question is - what did you do for the first night you left your little one?

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Napqueen1234 Sun 09-Feb-20 20:00:26

First baby- went to a bar down the road (5 mins away) for 2 hours to watch a friend sing when 3 weeks old.
Second baby- sister came to visit to see baby and we went for a drink locally for two hours that evening.
Some people can’t leave their kids for weeks or months but I found doing little and often from the start meant it was no big deal and I loved being back out in the real world when 99% of the time it was all baby baby baby (in a good way!). I would stay local and leave with someone you can trust and have a great time!

ParkheadParadise Sun 09-Feb-20 20:08:49

We left dd at 4 weeks overnight with my sister. We went to a night out at DH's work.
We stayed in a hotel, drank champagne, danced all night had a great time. But did pay for it the next day😆.
I've never had a problem leaving my kids, my family love having them.
Dd is 4 and is more than happy to stay overnight and get completely spoiled.

roobledoo Tue 11-Feb-20 20:55:56

@Napqueen1234 thank you I'm loving your advice of 'little and often' struggling with this as I am breastfeeding I feel I can't stray too far but I will have a back up formula bottle ready for my birthday.

Managed to take the dog for a walk solo this evening. Little and often may help my apprehension!

Thank you!

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roobledoo Tue 11-Feb-20 20:57:09

@ParkheadParadise thank you - sounds like you really let your hair down!! I can imagine a hangover is a totally different ball game with a bubba.

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Yellowmellowgem Tue 11-Feb-20 21:02:59

Think you will never know until it comes to it!
I figured I would be out to spas and alsorts by the time baby was two months. Nearly 4 months and I’ve mamaged a whole two hours away which included a lot of messaging to those looking after DS.
If you can and feel up to it then most definitely go for it! You have had a lot of self sacrifice up till now why not let your hair down and most importantly it’s for your birthday winecakeflowers xxx

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