What age do you start birthday parties??

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Percox Wed 05-Feb-20 23:23:22

We had a birthday party when my DD turned 1. At 2 we just had a small party at home now she is about to turn 3 and I'm in two minds to throw her a birthday party. Why do I want to give her a party, part peer pressure( being invited to other kids parties) blushand she seems interested in her birthday. Husband could care less but does not want anything at home as it stresses him out! LOL! Other friends say don't waste your money until they can give you 5 names of people they want to invite! I just don't know but I also don't have long as her birthday is in March!!! 😬 and is spending £285 expensive for a birthday party??

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BackforGood Wed 05-Feb-20 23:29:57

For mine, in their first year at school so the year they turned 5.

Prior to that we'd always had 'Birthday Tea' at home with Grandparents, Aunts / Uncles / Cousins - whoever was about - but in terms of 'friends' then it was when they started school.

AndWhatNext Wed 05-Feb-20 23:41:02

I've always had family birthday parties for DD. I've a large family and there are 7 cousins of a similar age.

For parties outside of family I start when DD was 4. But it was a shared party with another nursery child. Then a smaller non-family one each year.

She's going to be 12 next birthday and wants a small sleepover. I'm the only adult in the house and don't want more than 4 (+DD) on that one!

£285 - depends on how many kids and what you're doing. What's the price per child?

KellyHall Wed 05-Feb-20 23:49:07

1st birthday we didn't do anything. 2nd birthday 15 people breakfast at the Harvester, 7 of which were children in highchairs. Upcoming 3rd birthday will be soft play package, about 15 children this time,(friends and relatives), £9.99 per child which is a special offer and includes food and party bags.

My dd's speech developed very early so she's always made friends very easily and they're often older than her. She goes to nursery but has said she doesn't want to invite any of her friends from nursery - apparently she thinks they'll ruin her birthday cake?! confused

Percox Thu 06-Feb-20 06:37:49

The £285 is for 18 kids at an imaginary play area for 2 hrs and includes food and drinks, plate, cups, table cloth and a £15 credit for adult drinks.
I did think about a meal out with close friends and their kids as we are a small family. I do want to make a bit of a fuss even if DH does not really care.
Will need to make a decision soon!!! grin

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KellyHall Thu 06-Feb-20 22:19:25

It sounds like a lot of money for 2 hours. What will you do with your dd before and after it? Is there a park/woods/beach nearby for her to run off her excitement and the undoubtedly sugary food/drink consumed at the party? The soft play package I found gives unlimited use for the whole day.

eurochick Thu 06-Feb-20 22:44:00

We had small family gatherings in the garden for 1, 2, 3 and 4. We threw her her first proper party when turning five, in Reception.


shirleyschmidt Thu 06-Feb-20 22:46:10

First year of school smile

BackforGood Thu 06-Feb-20 22:48:03

Sounds a lot of money to me, particularly when they are of an age where they could happily go along to the play area with just one other friend and have just as good a time.

I like your friend's rule of thumb of "Until they can tell you the names of 5 friends they want to invite, they aren't ready for a 'friends' party" special needs excluded . Makes a lot of sense that.

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