1st Birthday

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Jessie9323 Mon 27-Jan-20 00:26:17

It's my sons 1st birthday next weekend and I'm doing a birthday party at my house. Is it unreasonable to not supply alcohol? I'm 5 months pregnant and it's an afternoon party with mainly family. I've said I'm doing a small buffet. Should I get a couple bottles of wine just incase? When not pregnant I love a glass!
Party bags yes or no? Not really sure how many kids will be there hmmconfusedwine

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LauraPalmersBodybag Mon 27-Jan-20 00:30:16

Booze for grown ups is pleasant but not necessary. Party bags are not needed for babies. I’d spend the money on a nice bottle of something sparkling if I were you

KellyHall Mon 27-Jan-20 00:34:22

No alcohol, no party bags - simple and easy, pleasant party!

I can't imagine what a baby party bag would contain so I'm sure they're not necessary for a 1 year old's party. And I would never expect to be provided with alcohol at a 1st birthday, at a friend/family's house, in the afternoon.

Jessie9323 Mon 27-Jan-20 00:40:41

Thanks guys, the party bags were more for my cousins older kids. I hadn't intended to but then my mum asked if I was and I got confused haha

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