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Ideas needed for a 2yr old b'day party with ds age 4 and teenage cousins...

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jugglingact Sat 25-Aug-07 20:24:15

Have to have the usual family scenario but my dh's siblings are a lot older with teenage kids. Can I expect them to play pass the parcel or should I go somewhere? It's all most tricky as my father-i-l is 82 with parkinsons and there would be all ages inbetween. Want to make it a good one for all..... We live in NE london if that's any help!

jugglingact Sat 25-Aug-07 20:30:12


Clary Sat 25-Aug-07 23:17:29

I thinkyou can reasonably expect them to help and I'm sure they will - eg set out food, corral the younger kids, give out sweeties, check who's moving in musical statues...

Or even play if they want to grin

Skribble Sat 25-Aug-07 23:21:04

Go for tradition party with pass the parcel and cheese sandwiches etc , don't expect teens to join in they will probably slink off, perhaps let them watch a dvd in an other room they might want to help but don't bet on it. Aim it towards 2 and 4yr olds and forget the teens.

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