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party games for 4 year old...

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mollythetortoise Fri 24-Aug-07 20:42:07

hello all, am new here so forgive me if topic done to death! am having party for my 4 year old daughter next week. V simple affair in back garden (about 10 children boys and girls) and I will be the entertainer. Need ideas for games. Have thought of pass the parcel, musical statues, musical bumps but what others are there?? My mind has gone blank!! Have a bubble machine from elc but suspect that will only buy me a short amount of time... pls help!! thanks

goingfor3 Fri 24-Aug-07 20:43:35

put sheets of paper on the floor for muscial bits of paper instead of chairs. The bubble machine will probably keep them entertained longer than any games.

RubyRioja Fri 24-Aug-07 20:45:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bozza Fri 24-Aug-07 20:47:38

sleeping lions.

mollythetortoise Fri 24-Aug-07 20:53:55

thanks all! will add in your suggestions plus maybe a dancing competion...

startouchedtrinity Fri 24-Aug-07 21:12:24

Having been to several 4 yr old's parties before dd1's I gave party games a miss. There seems to be something about 4 yr olds that means they really struggle to lose - at three they don't care and by five they know the score. In particular the birthday person seems to have a wobbler when they lose at musical whatnot - at one party I was asked to rig the pass the parcel so the birthday person won which I thought Not Cricket.

So for dd1's party we had biscuit decorating - went down a storm with both boys and girls - the girls took theirs home and the boys scoffed them as soon as they were done. Also had dancing and colouring-in. If you have outdoor toys for them to play on they will be so excited doing that they won't want the games - I was at a party a little while ago where the mum got everyone in for games and all the kids groaned as they were having such a great time on her ds' climbing frame and ride-ons.

Surfermum Fri 24-Aug-07 21:17:31

We did games at dd's 4th party. We did musical statues without anyone being out and musical hats where they had to grab a hat to put on, again without anyone being out.

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