60th birthday gifts inspire me!

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baggies Sat 07-Dec-19 13:25:25

Friend's 60th birthday at Christmas. Just can't think what to buy. Usually we just exchange cards but as it's a big one I wanted to buy a present. Budget up to £15-£20. Don't know of any hobbies. Can you help???

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ParkheadParadise Sat 07-Dec-19 13:29:29

A nice bottle of wine.

MsChatterbox Sat 07-Dec-19 13:30:43

Do they have pets? I got my mum a photo shoot with pets voucher on virgin experience days for £10

SurpriseSparDay Sat 07-Dec-19 23:25:04

As you don’t usually exchange presents I’d suggest a small bunch of flowers. Unless you know her well enough to be able to choose a book that might be particularly significant to her.

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