Kids party not a bouncy castle

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SpaceDinosaur Tue 31-Dec-19 18:16:28

From the entertainer's POV, if you don't think they're sufficient for your party then don't hire them or in the very least, talk to them about tour concerns before the party.

Alternative activities alongside something's hi how should be engaging never works well. I would be especially wary with animals. The handler will most likely want the children to listen to their instructions to keep the children safe and the animals unstressed.

After the entertainment, hand washing then food (don't forget they're going to need to wash hands and how long that will take with all of them!!!) perhaps some themed party games. Musical statues/bumps where they have to move as an animal you call out when the music's playing.... pass the parcel... animal mask making (Baker Ross are a great place to buy kits from)

Poundland do animal masks. Give out loads and tell them to get all the giraffes together

Get on a pair with elephants with giraffe or monkeys with tigers... they can't see their own mask so there's lots of running around and asking each other in that.

Simon says but animal themed... you're basically filling 30 min after animals for an hr, hand washing, food and cake (20-30 min) then 30 min and they go home.

Bring music!

Ellieray Sat 23-Nov-19 22:39:06

We are doing a hall party for my 6yr old boy and have an animal entertainer coming for an hour.
I want something else in the hall to keep the kids entertained either side of the entertainment but also if any of them don't want to do the animal bit they can keep themselves busy.

I don't want to get a bouncy castle as it's a bit expensive on top of the entertainer and I also don't want it to take over the entertainment.

DS has a lovely group of boy friends but it will be 15 6 yr olds and if left to their own would just be a massive wrestling bundle on the floor.

What can I do/get to keep them going?

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