Finding parties for kids

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VickyChester Fri 15-Nov-19 10:31:17

How easy have other parents found it in the past to find parties for their kids?
I've just been looking around and struggling a little bit and am wondering if the rest of you would find it helpful if there was one site that listed them all instead of having to search through a bunch of different sites?

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cheercaptain Wed 20-Nov-19 08:42:09

It would be beneficial but I doubt it would be the one complete exhaustive site still. The industry evolves daily. Existing vendors/suppliers introduce new party types/services and new ones join all the time. I have found the fastest way to get information on party vendors/services is Facebook. If you have one for your local, join it. If it's not on there when you search, ask and you will gets lots of info, particularly from those who have used the vendor/service.

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