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Is it a bit w@nky to have your childs contact details printed on cards?

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tracyk Sun 19-Aug-07 08:42:42

ds going to a 4th bday party today and I have some cards left over from when we moved house last year.
I don't get to meet up with other mums from ds nursery and this is an opportunity to try and arrange some play dates with some of the friends ds has made - bu they have moved to big school.
Would it be a bit w@nky to use these little business cards rather than writing out phone numbers?

ChasingSquirrels Sun 19-Aug-07 08:59:14

well, I was going to say yes it is wanky, but that was assuming you were having them done. In the circumstances not wanky (but they won't know they are left over ).

WideWebWitch Sun 19-Aug-07 09:01:43

I'd find it odd if someone handed me a printed card with a dd's name on it but if it's yours then not wanky, I think it's fine but you should chat first, not just hand then out (maybe you were going to!)

ChasingSquirrels Sun 19-Aug-07 09:18:53

oh completely agree with www that child details is v wanky [yours are only a bit wanky ]

tracyk Sun 19-Aug-07 10:34:36

maybe i'll just take pen and paper in my bag!

ChasingSquirrels Sun 19-Aug-07 10:35:50

lol, take them and use them, just preface it with - oh I have these left over from when I moved, so you may as well just take one.

gscrym Sun 19-Aug-07 10:46:36

I did it when DS left nursery. I made up little notes on the computer and popped them in his party bags. None of the kids he's at nursery with were going to the same school as him so it gave the option to the parents if they wanted their kids to keep in touch with DS. He's had a couple of phonecalls from mums saying thanks for the party and good luck for school and yes they asked to talk to him.

SuriCruise Sun 19-Aug-07 10:54:03

Completely and utterly fuckin' wanky.

D'ya want my card?.......i've spilled some Voddy on it but it wipes off........

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