Ideas for Baby’s first birthday

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Susie2008 Wed 30-Oct-19 10:44:40

Baby will be turning 1 next month. He has lots of cousins aged 4 - 18. Not sure what to do. Thinking of having a party at home. Got a large garden. Probably only be inviting family as will be too much to think about what friends to invite, then it will be headache as in catering for dietary requirements of friends their kids etc. Also I’m a quiet person and it will be stressful having to make conversations etc. Im thinking with family it will be less stress. Maybe I’m overthinking and should extend the invite to a couple of mums I know from baby clubs not sure about it to be honest

Baby doesn’t have any friends yet as he’s only small. Any ideas on how to make the day fun please let me know. I’m worried about the weather but we do have 2 very good gazebos that’s are stable and can’t withstand rain and strong winds.

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