What's the best hen do you've been to?

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MakeAWhish Mon 28-Oct-19 06:44:34

Struggling with ideas for my hen do! It will be end of June next year. 2 nights, preferably Uk based. Have you been on any memorable hen do's that will give me inspiration?

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Buyitinbamboo Mon 28-Oct-19 06:48:50

I'm probably boring but the best hen dos for me are the ones that are in our local town. Nice dinner, drinks, dancing etc can get a taxi home. I hate feeling the pressure to stay away (usually £££ too) with loads of people I don't know that well.

MakeAWhish Mon 28-Oct-19 06:51:51

That's a good point. We could just go into town, been a while since we've had a night out.

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MakeAWhish Mon 28-Oct-19 06:52:46

Actually no, I want a night away, I will have an almost 1 year old, a lie in will be amazing 😉

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BlueEyedFloozy Mon 28-Oct-19 06:54:05

I agree with @Buyitinbamboo.

I prefer to make an afternoon/evening of it locally - meet up at home for drinks and get a chance to say hello to everyone then off for a meal, a few pubs and a taxi home at the end of the night smile

I've done the going away for a few days and there's always drama involved - getting annual leave, babysitters, cash etc etc - it's just unnecessary stress and expense which can also exclude people.

Andcake Mon 28-Oct-19 06:54:11

I’ve liked eveyone staying in a country cottage styles ones the best. One which sticks out had a dance choreographer come and do a Beyoncé routine with us all as well as a night out to a local restaurant and small town club 😂

BlueEyedFloozy Mon 28-Oct-19 06:55:33

Could you arrange to stay with a friend so you can get a long lie?

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