Late afternoon 5 year olds birthday party

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GCG5 Tue 15-Oct-19 20:15:11

I am looking at holding my DD 5th birthday party between 4pm and 6pm as it is a glow in the dark party. Do you think parents would be ok with this? Plus her birthday is on the same day Wales play Ireland in the six nations and KO is at 14:15. (We live in Wales)

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BillHadersNewWife Wed 16-Oct-19 04:39:47

I'd be more worried about the fact it coincides with the football than the time.

Can you put it on another day? What time's the football on?

BillHadersNewWife Wed 16-Oct-19 04:40:18 could seal the windows of the venue with black paper or fabric. And have the party earlier.

GCG5 Wed 16-Oct-19 07:28:58

It's the rugby so should have finished by 15:45. Hence not planning the party 14:00 - 16:00

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BillHadersNewWife Wed 16-Oct-19 07:55:06

I don't think there's anything wrong with the time. It's quite good actually...because when the kids are done, their parents will be able to take them home all tired out and then it's almost bedtime!

happycamper11 Wed 16-Oct-19 09:07:07

It would be fine for us but I do know parents of 5 year olds (and see it on here) that obsessively have them in bed by 6.30 or 7 and cannot deviate from the pre bed routine so you may get a mix of responses. Also you might get some that are scared of the dark.

ASqueakingInTheShrubbery Wed 16-Oct-19 09:44:16

Several of DD's friends had their 5th birthdays at a play centre with a 5.30-7.30 slot. They had a good turnout. It didn't work for us because DD was too tired to behave nicely at that time. We tried it with a family party and by 7 she was having silly accidents and was an emotional disaster area. She's not good with tiredness and excitement together. So, you'll probably get plenty of kids who are fine, but if there's a particularly important best friend, it might be worth checking with their parents.

I'm one of those parents who happycamper is thinking of. I'm anal about bedtime because DD is no fun to be around if I'm not. Her bedtime changes as she does.

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