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cris7215 Thu 10-Oct-19 22:22:25

Hi, we are having a birthday party for our son. I am a bit lost with so many entertainer ad.
Did anyone have heard about froggle party? or another suggestion. He is turning 4.

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stuartmagic Mon 18-Nov-19 09:57:24

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cheercaptain Wed 20-Nov-19 08:54:52

Always best to go with one you have seen and love, or is recommended by friends/family/others who have used them. Why not ask on mumsnet for recommendations (you will have to state your location so people can helps) or check your local netmums page or local facebook page.

cheercaptain Wed 20-Nov-19 09:01:49


Efie81 Tue 04-Feb-20 13:51:49
Great entertainer!

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