Party for a 5 year old

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Knickerbockergloryonthebeach Mon 23-Sep-19 20:59:37

We're having a party for our soon to be 5 year old. Originally it was just going to be a small get together as she's just started school and we don't know anyone, but we decided to invite the whole class as she was desperate for a proper party and so we could get to know the other parents.

However, I am now freaking out a little as I'm quite shy (I don't go to parties let alone hold them 😂) and I'm worrying about a couple of things.

1. I don't know either the kids or the parents names. In my head I'm building this up as a problem doing games like pass the parcel and musical statues. Please tell me it's not a problem or tell me how I can learn all the names!

2. Are people who haven't rsvpd likely to turn up unannounced?

3. Should I warn my neighbours that we're having an outdoor party with a bunch of sugared up five year olds?

I'm sure I'll think of more things to worry about, but these are on my mind s at the moment. Please help someone.

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Pascha Mon 23-Sep-19 21:07:50

1. Nobody knows everyone's names. They're all just "so and so's" mum or dad. It's all fine and the kids don't care.

2. Yep. Also siblings if it's a whole class party. Just look on it as the more the merrier.

3. Keep organised games to a minimum. Nobody will listen anyway. Hire a bouncy castle, have some cheesy pop music going in the background. Play for an hour, food for half an hour, cake and singing, bit more music and the nightmare is over.


Pascha Mon 23-Sep-19 21:10:55

Oops. Yes wouldn't hurt to warn the neighbours but it will all be fine.

Mumsnatterer Wed 25-Sep-19 16:42:23

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Knickerbockergloryonthebeach Wed 25-Sep-19 17:16:04

Thanks everyone. We've bought make a bear kits but there won't be enough for extras as we've already had some late rsvps. Was thinking of getting some colour in bears to bulk out the numbers?

No room for bouncy castle as we've got a gazebo so hoping between the bears, the garden toys, etc, we can get through the first hour.

The weather is making me really wish I hadn't thought to do a party 😕

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