First ever kids party... HELP!

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EloiseLane Mon 14-Oct-19 16:52:43

I wouldn't take more than about 10 YRs to a painting party. Maybe 12 at a push. 30 would be manic, they couldn't keep them all sat down for very long. Personally I think 6 is enough for that sort of party, and the children get more out of it in a smaller group I think.

Some people will do whole class parties, but lots also won't and no one will expect you to.

SpaceDinosaur Mon 14-Oct-19 15:10:20

Tell your husband no to his friend's son. If he wants to see his friend then why don't they take the kids to soft play together some time?

Something calm and focused like a painting letter should be your daughter's close friends only. You don't want the whole class. It honestly won't work!

Parents out of the room? Honestly, I get where they're coming from. The children will have a better time if their mum's not doing it for them. You're downstairs with coffees having nice calm civilised chat and I'm sure their child protection policy means there's more than one host in the room.

cheercaptain Thu 12-Sep-19 14:01:01

Hello OP. Please do not do a whole class pay per head party. It will cost you way too much and it is totally unnecessary. As it is a pay per head type party venue, I will suggest you decide on a max number and ask for her input (or ask at school) to help me draw up a list of invitees. I am assuming the party room is for the party meal only and the activity will take place in the downstairs area? Parents who want to stay will be fine to stay where they need to, venue rules rule. Parents may even need to help with the activity as you will have a mix of age 4/5 and not everyone will be able to get on with the activity.

ClaireCason Tue 10-Sep-19 12:24:56


So my DD will be turning 5 during the October half-term and will be having her first ever birthday party.

I preemptively put a deposit at a local paint a pot cafe for a party but am now stressing that I made the wrong choice - can any party veterans out there help?!

My main concerns are...

1) Guestlist - Do we have to invite the whole class?? I’ve no clue as to the etiquette! My first thought was just to do all girls but my OH has decided his best mates boy has to come (which is fair enough) so now i’m torn 😓 The party costs £15.99 a head so we def can’t afford the whole class plus one!

2) Parents - The cafe has said they don’t like the parents to be upstairs in the party room (apparently they wind up taking over and being too noisey?) but we don’t know any of the parents and I’m worried they won’t want to leave them and will be funny about having to wait for an hour and 45 mins in the cafe downstairs...

Am I being daft? Really don’t want to loose my deposit but starting to think it’s the wrong venue for such little kids 😓. A little worried that we’d wind up paying even more if we cancelled and booked a hall - plus I’m waaay too self conscious to run kids party games in front of near strangers! 😬

Any and all advice would be very much appreciated!

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