Birthday party- help.

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LuisaKelmen Mon 09-Sep-19 15:05:28

My kids are twins- boy and girl they will be 5 in 2 months.
They asked me for a birthday party and I would love to do it- but there's wee problem.
They don't have friends that coming to our house and just started P1- so don't know new kids really ( my dd isn't available to name even one single child from her class that she's playing most- when I asked her- my ds is the same 😩) so I thought I would invite whole class- which is about 30 children.
I thought first about party at the local play centre- with a cake and disco- but it would be way to expensive with all of the children.😰
We are living in a smaller house- so there's no way that I could accommodate 30 children as well.😕
And if I sent invitation just to some of them- it'll hurt the others, surely?
Our budget may be around £150.
How can I possibly solve it?
Thanks for replies.

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user1474894224 Mon 09-Sep-19 15:09:27

Local community run hall - approx £30-40 for 3 hours party hire - that's a 2 hour party with 30 minutes set up and clear up.
Local party entertainer - ask about. Around £100. We have a company that does the entire thing - games, music, etc
You do a party tea - keep it simple sandwiches, crisps, biscuits etc jugs of squash.
Balloon and slice of cake for take home.
It may go a little over your budget but a cheap way to do it.

TheBrockmans Mon 09-Sep-19 15:10:26

Talk to the teacher, ask for four names for each of them who they play with and have it at home.

Delay the party for a few months until they have a clearer friendship group.

Look ahead at the weather and send a general invite 10 days in advance to whole class - going to park, bring wellies and raincoat just in case and do games in the park.

To be honest I would probably go with 1 or 2.

NWQM Mon 09-Sep-19 15:12:43

I do think that at this age whole class parties are the ideal way to go. It means you get to know the Mum's and see who the children are friendly with but as you say they aren't necessarily cheap.
Have you looked at local community centres and whether you could hire a room? Our local one hires out a room with kitchen to make your own buffet and bouncy castle. It worked out cheaper than a play centre but without hiring an entertainer you'd need to do perhaps some simple games like pass the parcel. Draft in willing 'volunteers' to help.
Is there anywhere they might like to go.....there are lots of places with free facilities like science museums etc. You'd need plenty of help but you would then just have to think about transport & a meal box that you can make up yourself.

LuisaKelmen Mon 09-Sep-19 18:49:01

I quite like the idea of delay the party as I would really love to have it at the play centre with a couple of my kid's friends.🎈
Thank you all for your help.;)

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BackforGood Mon 09-Sep-19 18:56:47

I'd ask them nearer the time and not ask the whole class.
If you are asking your friends' dcs and then there's two of them, give it another month then ask them for 2 or 3 names each and have a lovely party for 8 - 10 little ones.

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