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Party Bags question

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naughtynoonoo Sun 05-Aug-07 18:34:31

My daughter is having her 6th birthday party at a adventure play thingy called Kidzone. They provide everything, incl. party bags, but not the cake. Was wondering whether I should add anything to the party bags or not, they usually contain crayons, a colouring book, balloon and sweets. Should I just leave it at that?

WanderingTrolley Sun 05-Aug-07 18:35:54

Leave it at that. Don't make work for yourself, it's too hot!

naughtynoonoo Sun 05-Aug-07 18:43:34

Hope it is cooler than today, those places tend to be like saunas in the heat. Thanks for the reply, think I may well leave it at what they provide

TwoToTango Sun 05-Aug-07 19:44:10

Leave it at that and just give everyone a piece of cake (the staff usually take it away to cut up)

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