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childrens birthday cakes

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rainypie Fri 03-Aug-07 07:56:32

Hello, has anyone out there made a castle eg hogwarts school or just a castle cake for a childs birthday. I promised to make one for my nephew this weekend and am a bit stumped. Have got a great pirate ship cake recipe - so easy - if anyone interested.

Niecie Fri 03-Aug-07 15:10:52

Hi there,

I made a castle cake for DS1 last year - he is into knights and castles and had a bit of a theme for his party. I got it from a book but it is so easy that you probably don't need one, so long as you have a recipe for a victorian sandwich.

All you do is get a sponge cake and 4 upturned swiss rolls. Stick the upturned swiss rolls in each corner as turrets. Matchmakers made the door, the ramparts were made of marshmallows. I think the arrow slits were matchmakers too. You could dress it up a bit on a big board with blue icing for the moat and some matchmakers for the drawbridge across.

Oh and upturned ice-cream cones on each of the towers/swiss rolls for the pointy steeple bits, if you see what I mean. Either make a flag or get a sandcastle one and stick it in on the turrets.

You don't actually have to make any of the cake yourself. You could just buy all the cakes and stick them together with butter icing if you wanted to cheat. Personally I would buy the swiss rolls - I can make them but shop ones are much neater and more tightly rolled than home made ones so look a bit more convincing.

If you can get hold of a copy, the idea came from the 'Kid's Party Ideas' which is a Marks & Spencer book. The other book I have is Kid's Brithday Cakes' from The Australian Women's Weekly range which has a couple of castles in it - a spooky one and something called the Palace of Dreams which looks like a castle to me! Either would be good.

Good luck - I am sure your nephew will love it.

By the way the Australian one had a great pirate ship one that I made a couple of years ago but by the time it came to sing happy birthday, it had started to collapse and looked more like a shipwreck instead. Never again!

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