Anyone know any good games to play on a girls weekend

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Jambalaya76 Wed 17-Jul-19 22:41:14

Like hen Party games but without the bride/wedding theme. It's not a hen party, just friends wanting a laugh. Not beer pong. Thanks in advance

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Sadik Wed 17-Jul-19 22:51:14

The game where you have to eat a bar of chocolate in pass-the-parcel style. There's a rough description here - for an adult game there's no 'winning' (simply the joy of eating chocolate grin ), you need thick sheepskin mittens or similar, a massive really silly hat, and enormous scarf. A few drinks before hand, keep everything moving fast, and it is very, very, very funny. (Beware if your players are too pissed, I have actually known someone laugh so hard they promptly threw up all over the chocolate, which rather put a damper on things...)

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