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Would you use a party planner?

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jofeb04 Fri 27-Jul-07 17:04:51

I've been thinking about this after seeing an advert in a local newspaper.

Would you use one?


CountessDracula Fri 27-Jul-07 17:05:12

i lurve planning parties

CountessDracula Fri 27-Jul-07 17:05:57

tell me about your party requirements

jofeb04 Fri 27-Jul-07 17:09:51


It's a good friends engagement party, and they hae ased a few of us to organise it for them as a surprise (thy are getting married abroad etc).

Money is not a worry.

Going to be about 100 people there (so pritty big).

We don't mind organising it, as there is not a hen night, or wedding party etc but was thinking if it was easier?!!


heifer Fri 27-Jul-07 17:16:04

no never - it's half the fun of having a party..

just love all the planning and prep stuff...

MaureenMLove Fri 27-Jul-07 17:16:36

There's plenty of people on here that'll give you advise for free! Have you got anything in mind yet? I love organising parties!

CountessDracula Fri 27-Jul-07 17:45:13

where do you want it (vaguely)
Do you have any idea of they sort of thing you want, eg do you want
pub and disco type
posh venue with drinks and canapes
sit down thing
clubby thing

What sort of food did you have in mind


jofeb04 Fri 27-Jul-07 18:03:45

Thanks for the reply, I'm trying to get an assignment done at the same time as mn!

where do you want it (vaguely)
- In Cardiff (I'm from there, but not too sure where to go!!)
Do you have any idea of they sort of thing you want,
- It needs to be sit down meal, then disco type,not too posh, but nice enough

Food - Hot meal, 3course, buffet for the evening.

CountessDracula Fri 27-Jul-07 18:04:25

and you must have some idea of budget

CountessDracula Fri 27-Jul-07 18:06:46

what about something like this very versatile

but only 70 for sit down

jofeb04 Fri 27-Jul-07 18:17:22

No idea on budget, they have just said money is not a worry!

I know Llandaff Rugby Club, never knew they did that!!


CountessDracula Fri 27-Jul-07 18:18:48

no it's the rowing club

the coal exchange looks nice

CountessDracula Fri 27-Jul-07 18:23:57

this looks fab despite appalling website!

CountessDracula Fri 27-Jul-07 18:26:41

this looks fab

jofeb04 Fri 27-Jul-07 18:49:55

Thanks CD,

Some of them are lovely. Getting plenty of ideas now

CountessDracula Fri 27-Jul-07 18:54:54


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