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Parties during school term......

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balancingact Fri 27-Jul-07 09:29:26

My DD is staring Nursery this Sept in "big school" - i.e. the school where she will be going to Reception onwards. Her birthday is in Nov....2 questions

a) her bday falls on a school day - what do people normally do - do i send a cake for the class to share (they are there from 9-12) - or small party bags (they are 20 in the class....)


b) she is having a bday party on the saturday before. I was thinking of asking her to tell me 4 or 5 nursery friends who she wants at the party - that's ok right? ie i won't be ostracised by other mums whose kids were not invited?

sorry if i sound daft, but i just don't want to offend anyone so early in this new school!

Katymac Fri 27-Jul-07 09:32:42

That sounds lovely

Just make sure the 4/5 friends are children not helper & yes it did happen

balancingact Fri 27-Jul-07 09:35:31

hi Katymac,
sorry, what do you mean helper? you mean the teaching assistant? haha, i will double check the names she gives me! i assume i could just pass on to teacher to put in children's bags?

i suppose i should ask the school if ok for her to have a bday cake to share in school....

am getting all blubbery thinking of her going to this enormous school in sept.....

hockeypuck Fri 27-Jul-07 09:36:34

At nursery age, it is not expected to invite the whole class, people understand that as I'm sure you will when your DD isn't invited to every other party. At DD's nursery school they sometimes had cake on people's birthday but the teachers found it a bit messy so asked the parents to give a mini fun size chocolate bar to each child or a lollipop. They would often give these out at home time when they sang happy birthday to the child. Certainly no one ever gave party bags, a small sweet is fine.

Have a lovely time, I'm sure she'll really enjoy herself.

Katymac Fri 27-Jul-07 09:37:41

Yes a TA.......

Check with Teacher about allergies for the cake - they may reccomend a particular brand if they have a child with an allergy

cornsilk Fri 27-Jul-07 09:45:45

Chn usually take in a bag of sweets to give out (fun size mars bar etc) A cake may be a pain for the teacher to sort out.

balancingact Fri 27-Jul-07 09:51:28

thank you for all the suggestions esp re small choccies instead of cake - less messy indeed!

MrsWeasley Fri 27-Jul-07 09:54:30

at our school at this age I baked a little fairy cake for everyone in the class! They werent allowed to eat it in class but they all took them home.

Very common here is to give everyone a little funsize pack of sweets (buttons, smarties etc)

balancingact Fri 27-Jul-07 10:04:20

Given my baking skills (or lack thereof), i am sure the children will much prefer a little pack of sweeties! I won't go over the top, and maybe do a pack of raisins, a small chocolate bar, and maybe a fruit roll up. Don't want to hype them all too much when they are about to go home! (though raisin and fruit roll up prob has the same amount of sugar!)

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