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can ds have his 5th birthday party after school midweek? Will anyoine come?

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brimfull Fri 27-Jul-07 00:10:06

Thought about 4-6pm ,is that too much for 5 yr old after school?

Would they all be knackered,most of his friends would still be doing half days ,he'd be on full days as his b'day is september.
Trying to organise this in my head as his birthday is 2nd week of school and we're away just before

elfinblast Fri 27-Jul-07 01:11:43

My eldest 2 went to loads of parties after school when they were in reception/Y1.

No 5 year old is ever too tired to partaaaaay!!

katelyle Fri 27-Jul-07 01:13:37

Why not have it on the Saturday? Lots of parties don't happen on the actual day.

PrettyCandles Fri 27-Jul-07 06:48:33

My two have been to nseveral after-school perties. T^hey seem to work quite well. They were all at soft-play places, without organised party-games - perhaps one reason why they were good.

One of the parties was for a 4yo - ie pre-schooler. Many of her friends had elder siblings in the same year as her older brother.

Go for it.

brimfull Fri 27-Jul-07 10:26:47

Thanks for your replies, I could leave it until the weekend but tbh I thought it would be good to get it done and dusted thus leaving weekend for family.
He had his 4th party at local softplay centre which was great,so was thinking of doing it at home this time with games and pinata etc.

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