Swimming party London - where?

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BusyLondonMother Mon 17-Jun-19 00:38:35

Does anyone know of anywhere that will offer swimming parties in Central or North London please?

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Tavannach Mon 17-Jun-19 01:01:55

I think most public pools offer some kind of party package. Queen Mother Sports Centre in Victoria has slides, as does Archway. Check that they're open.


The London Aquatics Centre in Stratford looks exciting, close to the station, tube and rail, so easy to get to.

London Aquatics Centre

Time40 Mon 17-Jun-19 01:29:15

The Oasis in central London used to do them when I lived there - they probably still do. They have an outdoor heated pool.

cheercaptain Thu 20-Jun-19 22:44:15

You need to call your local Leisure Centres/Sports Centres. Most have party packages.

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