9 year old birthday party

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Gymmummy1234 Thu 23-May-19 10:25:53

DD can't decide between a gym & trampoline party (gymnastics club) or a trampoline party (trampoline park).
Her birthday isn't until the beginning of July but when casual chatting with a few of her friends mums at the park yesterday some of said they aren't too keen taking their children to these type of parties. When I've asked why they have said you hear of too many injuries.
Should I be talking DD into something else?
Also based on last year (the first time we did a party outside of family) we had four children turn up without RSVP and one of these brought their younger sister and mum said is it OK if she stays (luckily it wasn't pay per head and we had made a little bit more food)
If we can't change DD's mind then the gym and trampoline one needs to know how many coaches ie if more than 12 children two coaches needed, if more than 24 children three coaches in advance so how do we get people to RSVP. If the trampoline one then OH spoken to the manager and needs to pay upfront to ensure it wont be overcrowded (ie if we say 24 then they know to account for 24 trampolines being in use)
Also how early should you give invites out. They are off school for two weeks from Friday, so if we give them out first day back is 4 weeks enough notice or too much?

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starsparkle08 Thu 23-May-19 22:51:29

I don’t see a problem with trampoline or gymnastic parties.

I would continue with what your daughter would like to do and would send the invites out beginning of June to give time to respond

SnowsInWater Wed 05-Jun-19 04:10:52

I would go with what your DD wants, parents can decide to bring their kids or not. Both activities would be very popular for that age group here (Aus).

I would also be very specific on the invites though (and yes 4 weeks notice is plenty). "We do need RSVPs by x date please as we need to confirm numbers. Sorry but we can't accommodate siblings/extras." Don't start talking about ratios as you don't want anything that can be argued with 😊 I have learnt to be pretty direct after many years of birthday party CFery (three kids).

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