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bowchicapewpew Sat 11-May-19 02:25:16

I've hired a room with a large garden for my 5yr old's bday. Around 20 children and some family/friends. Will have bouncy castle, entertainer, buffet tea at end (3-5pm)

How would you do coffee and tea (no hot water dispenser, flasks..). Do we bring a kettle and designate DH to take orders, using instant coffee (yuck?)? We weirdly both don't drink tea or coffee so I can't even make a decent cuppa..

I plan to leave out soft drinks for people to pour themselves. I need everyone to be as DIY as possible.

Also plan to pre-make finger sandwiches, crudites, oven food (will be cold) for adults. Not sure if itd be eaten but our friends and family are coming a long way.
How do I set up the room - an adult table far away from or near the kids table?

Also what would be a good running order so that I can get the entertainer to control the whole event and help usher kids to table etc?

Stressed.. tia

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Gingerkittykat Sat 11-May-19 02:37:25

Is there a kitchen attached to the room and access to china mugs? If not I wouldn't bother with tea or coffee. I would also expect adults to just help themselves if wanting hot drinks, but be worried about excited kids running around where people are carrying hot drinks.

Aquamarine1029 Sat 11-May-19 03:18:44

Skip the hot drinks. Water, soda and juice are more than enough. Guests can serve themselves. Let the children play for a while and then announce when food is ready. Honestly, you're overthinking. Just relax and let everyone have a good time.

fabulous01 Sat 11-May-19 03:22:32

Been in this situation a few weeks ago
No hot drinks
We do guitar shoots for kids, dilute for adults
Ordered in pizza (all eaten)
Made 5 loaves of sarnies (none eaten...)
Cucumber, carrots nibbles (barely touched)
Doughnuts for adults
We had lots of allergies so all pre packed in disposable boxes

Ask someone to take pictures
Bring bin bags


JocastaElastic Sat 11-May-19 05:09:37

Five year olds won’t eat the sandwiches, but they will eat crisps, and if there is cake they will eat icing. I would offer pizza, crisps and cake, and maybe some fruit kebabs or fruit that’s been cut into shapes with a cookie cutter, ( hearts or stars work well).
Don’t bother with tea or coffee for the adults. I can’t actually think of any children’s parties I’ve been to where hot drinks have been on offer. Just put out some fizzy water, some juice or other soft drink, and some Prosecco.
Also, as an icebreaker for the children when they arrive, I think it helps to fill the room with balloons. Don’t tie the balloons up, just leave them loose to bob around the floor. Eventually the children will decide to pop them all, but initially kicking the balloons around will help get the party started.

habibihabibi Sat 11-May-19 06:05:02

What are type of drinks are guitar shoots ?

RainbowMum11 Sat 11-May-19 06:27:31

Contrary to what everyone else has said, you need tea & coffee facilities for the parents - but a kettle, disposable cups and some tea bags/coffee/milk will be fine. At a 5yo party, the parents will stay around.
Also, sandwiches always get eaten - by the parents if not the kids, but the kids tend to eat well at the parties I've been to.
At least 1 hour of entertainment before the food, then some playing after.


AwakeNow Sat 11-May-19 07:00:15

Exactly what RainbowMum11 suggested.
Also, you can rent catering/party stuff including coffee urns at a fairly cheap price.

bowchicapewpew Sat 11-May-19 10:48:35

Thanks everyone, I think I'll bring a kettle and paper cups, layout milk sugar and tea bags/instant cofee and ask them to make it themselves. A friend may lend me a old Nespresso machine.

I just googled urns and it's not expensive but not cheap either, for a kid's party.

There's a sink in kitchenette no oven.

The 5 year old class parties ive been to, they definitely eat and expect food, not just crisps. Most had hot food (like nuggets and chips) and most kids seem hungry after playing. My DC definitely do.
Birthday boy doesnt eat pizza but ill do some cold ones.

And uhh yeah I'm pretty sure the grown ups will be eating!! (I feel handicapped without an oven).

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delilahbucket Sat 11-May-19 10:50:44

Are you allowed to take a kettle? Electrical items usually need to be PAT certified or the owner of the building will have their insurance invalidated.

bowchicapewpew Sat 11-May-19 14:24:29

Good point, will check with venue..! Thanks

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HelenCurrier Tue 14-May-19 20:22:29

paper cups and cold drinks are best and most safe! finger sandwiches and quick things like cocktail sausages etc are best and easiest.
On a side note, to make things even easier, get some pre-filled party bags from funpartybags (dot com)

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