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OK, your opinions please ladies to help me plan ds' 6th birthday

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northender Wed 18-Jul-07 12:03:54

There are probably going to be about 30 children and we've hired the function room at our cricket club for the princely sum of £20. I'm happy with the food and the party bags but it's the activities I need your opinions on.

For the first 20 mins or so the plan is for them to decorate a biscuit that they can then take home and also to make a hat (strip of foil card that they can decorate and then have stapled to make a crown type hat iyswim)

Then some party games maybe divided into 2 groups.

After the food my aunty, who's an excellent storyteller is going to do some of the Revolting Rhymes before we finish with the hokey cokey or some such thing.

My main query is about the suitability for the age of the crafty bits and the storytelling. Honest opinions please.

maisemor Wed 18-Jul-07 14:06:42

WOW you are paying £20 for the room, food and party bags? Or did I read that wrong?

The activities sound fine. A bit too much of the sitting down activities maybe.

how about mini tug a war. Not necessarily all at once but you could divide them into 4 teams.

northender Wed 18-Jul-07 14:06:42

Someone must have an opinion?

MaureenMcGonagall Wed 18-Jul-07 14:09:49

Perfect for 6 year olds. I do Rainbows, who are mostly 6 and there's nothing like a makey thing to get them excited. What are you going to use for the decorating of biscuits?

northender Wed 18-Jul-07 14:13:16

cross post! The tug of war sounds good, hadn't thought of that. I know what you mean about the sitting down things, maybe just the hat making. That's really to give them something to do while everyone's arriving.

The £20 is for the room only! It's a budget party but not that budget unfortunately!

northender Wed 18-Jul-07 14:16:03

Thanks Maureen was going to do plain sweet bicuits, have some white icing made up and then just have plentiful supplies of silver balls, hundreds and thousands etc

MaureenMcGonagall Wed 18-Jul-07 14:16:36

I think sitting down things are fine! I do childres art parties too and they are some of the quietest parties ever! I've done several 6 year old parties, and they really work. It also means that you don't need to do major party bags either, because they've made their own take homes!

MaureenMcGonagall Wed 18-Jul-07 14:18:43

You can buy sqeezable tubes of icing too, although they can be a bit heavy handed when it comes to squeezing. Remember, they will put so much stuff on them, they won't be able to carry them home unless you provide paper plates and plastic bags to catch all the bits!

TenaLady Wed 18-Jul-07 14:22:11

You want honest? Half the amount of kids you are inviting or get a professional entertainer in to blame when they all go nuts!

Im a parent helper at the school and even a qualified teacher and assistant has their work cut out with this age group.

Good luck whatever you do.

MaureenMcGonagall Wed 18-Jul-07 14:25:20

As long as you have a big enough voice and an air of authority about you I'll be fine!

northender Wed 18-Jul-07 14:34:17

I have recruited lots of helpers to keep order (one can be quite scary so will be "the enforcer"!). This will be the only party he has where the whole class is invited.

cazzybabs Wed 18-Jul-07 14:37:09

I think it sounds fine - but my only advice is boys (as I am sure you know) need to be active. What about a treasure hunt while everyone is arriving - sweets hidden round the room or the cricket field?

northender Wed 18-Jul-07 14:47:46

What would you use for the tug of war? Have horrible visions of rope burns!

maisemor Wed 18-Jul-07 14:47:57

Line them all up and see who can eat a string of sweeties first.

golf ball on spoon race.

cazzybabs Wed 18-Jul-07 14:50:31

Don't know what to use for tug of war....umm what about the chocolate game - out on gloves and try an deat chocolate with a knife and fork in teams.

Could you borrow a parachute and so some games using that. My year 1s loved that.

Dead lions.

Mind you I think they will enjoy making the crown and the biscuit.

I think it will be fine. I hate parties - too many excitied small children!

maisemor Wed 18-Jul-07 14:50:55

I doubt they will get rope burns. Otherwise provide gloves? Bandage their hands? I don't know, it sounded so simple before, what happened, you are asking me to think beyond naming party games....?

stealthsquiggle Wed 18-Jul-07 14:56:51

Northender - do parents still tend to stay at parties (seems to be v. variable at that age?) If not then you will need as many helpers as poss for the making stuff bit - but stick to your guns - much more interesting than just another entertainer.

You probably need something generally riot-like (balloon net to release?) for the end bit when their concentration spans have elapsed completely.

northender Wed 18-Jul-07 14:57:36

I really like the tug of war idea though, sure I can find some softish rope for it. Had also thought of relay type races in teams so it would fit in well. Thanks for all opinions and ideas so far, will return to this after school pick up.

northender Wed 18-Jul-07 14:59:40

ss- no parents don't ever seem to stay so I've recruited family and friends to assist

stealthsquiggle Wed 18-Jul-07 15:06:00

probably easier - far harder to keep the little monsters in line when their mothers are watching

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