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Has anybody ever hired a snow machine?

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ColdPenguin Tue 17-Jul-07 11:27:02

My daughter's 4th birthday is coming up and I really want to do something a bit 'different'. I find she is getting a bit bored of the standard 'bouncy castle in a hall parties' as she has been to so many now.

But with about 20-30 kids coming, I don't think it will be possible to do anything much more structured at this age.

I was thinking of doing a sort of winter wonderland theme and hiring a snow machine.

Has anybody ever done this before or had any experience of snow machines?!?

Any tips / advice much appreciated.

grumpyfrumpy Tue 17-Jul-07 11:38:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MegaLegilimens Tue 17-Jul-07 11:48:53

I was thinking about suggesting the PTA hire one for the school christams fair this year as they always have a gimic. Do they make real snow or is it just foam?

Whizzz Tue 17-Jul-07 11:56:21

I think I good bubble machine would go down just as well (& be less messy !)

ColdPenguin Tue 17-Jul-07 12:25:22

This is the kind of thing I had in mind.

I think it is a kind of foamy substance, but it claims that "it will melt within minutes and leave no residue whatsoever". It's supposed to be quite different to the old Ibiza foam party type stuff!

Just wondered if anybody could back up their claims, as the last thing I want is a slippery floor with a room full of 30 3&4yr olds!

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