50th wedding anniversary gift

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clearsommespace Wed 01-May-19 12:16:40

I'm looking for ideas for a joint gift 3 siblings can offer to their parents in their 70s.
Both ecology conscious nature lovers. She enjoys walking. He enjoys bird watching. He has health problems linked to bowels: limited diet and reluctant to stay away from home overnight.

Any ideas?

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bestbefore Wed 01-May-19 12:27:35

Will def get mine a golden anniversary rose plant from David Austin but that's only about £20! Hard isn't it as they have lot of stuff!

GreenTulips Wed 01-May-19 12:31:08

Can you recreate some family photos

clearsommespace Wed 01-May-19 12:49:08

I'm not sure what you mean by recreate family photos. Can you please clarify. Thanks.

@bestbefore I have submitted this idea to the committee. Thank you!

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GreenTulips Wed 01-May-19 23:05:46

Example pic of you and sibling swinging in a tree in a green top and blue shorts - you find a tree where the same coloured clothes and take a pic in the same position

Or maybe you all dug sand castles or a pic with ice cream with sauce in your face

Same pic X years apart

GreenTulips Wed 01-May-19 23:07:03


AdaColeman Wed 01-May-19 23:16:20

Afternoon Tea for all the family at a nearby National Trust place.

Guided walk with a warden around an RSBP or similar reserve, maybe a picnic tea/lunch too.

Ordnance Survey map centred on their house or a favourite spot of countryside (order in advance).


BackforGood Wed 01-May-19 23:22:09

Marking spot for ideas, in case you aren't my SiL wink

Mumof1andacat Wed 01-May-19 23:38:13

A tree. You can go to some places and plant one to remember a special occasion or as a memorial to a loved one.

AdaColeman Wed 01-May-19 23:59:08

A day excursion on a steam train.

clearsommespace Thu 02-May-19 04:50:56

Thank you for these ideas and the explanation about recreated photos.

BackforGood They both taught biology. Could I still be your SIL?

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sashh Thu 02-May-19 05:17:56

For my parents we sponsored a golden retriever puppy training to be an assistance dog.

Family photo shoot of you all? Wither with parents or just the 'children'.

Something for the garden like a hedgehog feeding station.

Blondie1984 Thu 02-May-19 06:05:57


Blondie1984 Thu 02-May-19 06:06:35

How about chickens or a beehive?

BackforGood Thu 02-May-19 23:30:28

Clearsommespace - no - it's okay, we don't all need to name change grin

clearsommespace Fri 03-May-19 17:36:08

Thanks for the additional ideas.
Chickens had already been suggested by and seconded so you are thinking along the same lines as the siblings!

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Chello93 Thu 30-May-19 01:02:30

We bought my dad a Subscription club for Rum from this website we found for his 70th (They are doing 10% off for new subscribers as well just now) It was between myself and my two brothers. And we got him a quarterly version so he gets a box every 3 months but I think you can choose the frequency.


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