Loos necessary in venue for 8/9 year olds?

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YesILikeItToo Wed 24-Apr-19 12:11:02

There’s an outdoor laser tag venue near us which satisfies many of the requirements for dd’s party, but the website says it has no toilets. It follows there’s no food either. I think I can handle offering a ‘no meal’ party, but am I right to think that no loos just won’t work for a large group of kids?

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EmmaGrundyForPM Wed 24-Apr-19 12:12:44

I think for a kids party you should be offering food, and also definitely loos.

Thatsnotmyotter Wed 24-Apr-19 12:15:19

If you can guarantee that they are all the kind of kids who won’t mind weeing in a bush then you might be okay but I very much doubt they will.

YesILikeItToo Wed 24-Apr-19 13:13:23

You’re right, of course, we need loos. In fact I can’t really understand how it can work however old people are.

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TheGrey1houndSpeaks Wed 01-May-19 12:27:15

No, you definitely need loos confused. They should surely organise some sort of portaloo arrangement; it’s a bit grim that the entire landscape gets pissed on by multiple people every session.
It must stink to high heaven!
And you also need to offer food, even if it means ferrying the kids to McDonalds afterwards, or back to yours for pizza.

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