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60th Birhtday ideas for a man who has everything

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sparkler Sat 14-Jul-07 00:08:52

My dad is 60 next week and I'm running out of time to get a pressie. He's a bit of a sucker for gadgets but I have no idea what to get him.
Help me please fellow mumsnetters.

TippiHedren Sat 14-Jul-07 00:11:51

60 year old wine/whisky??

walbert Sat 14-Jul-07 00:12:20

Ok, not gadget related, but near us is a 'pottery' where they have cups and teapots amongst other things you paint up and they glaze so fullu usable items:| why not paint up teapot and cup or something, sayig stuff like 'This is my dads teapot so he can have a cuppa and put his feet up coz he's ace ' or stuff thta dads like, so it's sentimental and he'll never be able to get rid of it coz you'll spot it straight away, so whether he likes it or not he'll have to look grateful!!

OrginalUglyBetty Sat 14-Jul-07 00:18:01

60 year old gadget?

suedonim Sat 14-Jul-07 00:48:44

Weather station thingy?

Leati Sat 14-Jul-07 00:53:21

I would throw him a party. Have old pics of his childhood, your childhood, and everything in between. Then for a present you can put together a scrap book of all the momentous moments of his life.

He is at the age where people start to get sentimental about this stuff.

OrginalUglyBetty Sat 14-Jul-07 01:05:36

If you go with Leati's idea you can actually obtain copies of his Mother and Fathers Marriage Certificate in his scrap book that would be a nice touch so it becomes his life story.

Leati Sat 14-Jul-07 01:08:06

I love that idea.

sparkler Sat 14-Jul-07 12:07:14

Sounds like a lovely idea but only have a week to sort it out, in between working.

maisemor Mon 16-Jul-07 16:02:59

How about making a novelty cake?

If he was a policeman make a policeman cake, if he loves gadgets make a cake of his favourite gadget i.e. a computer (I can put a picture of the one I did on my profile if you would like for inspiration).

lilolilmanchester Mon 16-Jul-07 19:06:26

How much are you planning on spending? Here are some thoughts:
Digital photo frame
Does he have a computer? If so, some kind of computer programme?
Tickets for a show/concert?
Magazine subscription?
Like the cake idea. We got my Mum a photo cake from Sainsburys for her 70, with a picture of her in her heyday on it.
can you give us some clues about the sorts of things he's in to whcih might help us think of some more ideas for you.

muppetgirl Mon 16-Jul-07 19:08:52

Just bought my 62 yr old dad a digital photo frame and he loves it. We loaded it with piccies of me and my brothers and also our children. My brothers live abroad so he doesn;t get to see their kids.

sparkler Mon 16-Jul-07 20:38:53

Thanks for your suggestions everyone. I have bought him a really nice bottle of whiskey now. His favourite tipple. Love the cake idea but his wife, my step-mother is getting one made for his party so I don't want to tread on her toes.
I'm not hugely close to him and don't get to see him an awful lot so don't really know what he has or doesn't have. So I've just played it safe.
Thanks again.

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