Ideas for party for 2 year old

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gigi556 Tue 09-Apr-19 12:50:00

@cheercaptain I didn't realize you could hire soft play type stuff. That's pretty cool. There is a stay and play place but it kind of feels like everyone does that. We don't have a garden but happy to do park or hire a room at local community center. I completely forgot you could get those small bouncy castles so I'll have to look into that.

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WeepingWillowWeepingWino Tue 09-Apr-19 12:39:34

2 year olds don't need much entertainment - a few party games and a birthday tea is perfect.

cheercaptain Tue 09-Apr-19 12:33:40

Depends where you live and what is available locally. Do you have a garden and can hire a soft play package to use OR a local stay and play venue that offers parties or space and toys for hire. Something like pic

gigi556 Tue 09-Apr-19 08:37:39

Help! What ideas can you come up with for a 2 year olds birthday?

Last year we just did sandwiches in the park but now I think we need a bit more entertainment. It's early June so weather should be reasonably warm.

I'm thinking park again or hire a room at local community center. I'm just not sure about toys/games etc...

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