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What can I give my dd for her 7th birthday? Am totally blank.

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Sobernow Sun 08-Jul-07 21:30:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Frizbe Sun 08-Jul-07 21:32:16


EnidJane Sun 08-Jul-07 21:33:11

nintendo ds (sorry mrsobernow)

its the only way

Sobernow Sun 08-Jul-07 21:34:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EnidJane Sun 08-Jul-07 21:37:25

WHY wont dh let her have a ds

dd1 was literally speechless when she opened hers on xmas day

when she had got herself together she said 'mummy. how could we afford it!'

I felt I had gone overboard in teh lecturing about money

Sobernow Sun 08-Jul-07 21:42:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EnidJane Sun 08-Jul-07 21:48:59

now hold on a minute

I am a gaming geek and I am sorry but the ds lite is a great little machine

and the games are fantastic

the playstation 3 does NOT have the kind of games you would want a 7 year old girl to play

the ds does

I am willing to square up to him on this

EnidJane Sun 08-Jul-07 21:52:49

zoning out I cant disagree with

although I dont think it is wrong

EnidJane Sun 08-Jul-07 21:53:14

a guinea pig?

Pollyanna Sun 08-Jul-07 21:54:56

Is she too old for sylvanian houses/animals? My 6.9 yo loves these. (and her ds lite )

Clary Sun 08-Jul-07 21:58:32

DD was 6 this year and loved
a mini stationery set
a Groovy Girl
a little Playmobil set she requested
Other activity bits - sticker books etc and notepaper and craft stuff (these were pressies from friends)

None of these were big things but she was pleased. DS1 was 7 last year and got magnetix/bionicles/power rangers/top trumps/swingball from us and Playmobil too.

Not sure if that's any help.I wouldn't buy her a doll's house tho as I think she's a bit old at 7.

How abotu sylvanian families? or polly pocket (also fave with my DD)

Have to agree with enid tho, at DD's dance show the other week the girls all take stuff backstage to do - DD and many others had colouring books and sticker books but the most popular item was a Nintendo DS I'm afraid. I'm not fantatsically keen tbh but suspect it may be requested soon....

pigleto Sun 08-Jul-07 21:58:36

You can get a ds lite today for £80 from littlewoods if you use the vouchers from moneysavingexpert plus 5% cashback on quidco. Your dd is a girl, she won't want the same games as your dh, she wants games with puppies in them.

snowwonder Sun 08-Jul-07 22:02:10

ds are great my dd loves her pink one, the games can be pricey but she saves her pocket money for them

nutcracker Sun 08-Jul-07 22:05:06

It's her birthday and imo she should have what she wants so long as it is affordable.

I hate some of the stuff my kids ask for sometimes, but so long as it is not over budget, they get it.

Sobernow Sun 08-Jul-07 22:05:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nutcracker Sun 08-Jul-07 22:06:04

Must add that Dd1 has a DS and it is the most used and popular toy in the house.

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